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Last updated: September 27, 2019

Employing Trusted Third Party services within the cloud, leads to the establishment of thenecessary Trust level and provides ideal solutions to preserve the confidentiality, integrity and authenticity of data and communications. In cryptography, when two parties want to interact with each other and if security is their major concern, they both can depend upon and trust this Third Party. The scope of a Trusted Third Party within an Information System is to provide end-to-end security services, which are scalable, based on standards and useful across different domains, geographical areas and specialization sectors. The establishment and the assurance of a trust relationship between two transacting parties shall be concluded as a result of specific acceptances, techniques and mechanisms. The Third Party reviews all critical transaction communications between the parties, based on the ease of creating fraudulent digital content. Introducing a Trusted Third Party can specifically address the loss of the traditional securityboundary by producing trusted security domains. As described by Castell, „„A Trusted Third Party is an impartial organization delivering business confidence, through commercial and technical security features, to an electronic transaction. It supplies technically and legally reliable means of carrying out, facilitating, producing independent evidence about and/or arbitrating on an electronic transaction.

Its services are provided and underwritten by technical, legal, financial and/or structural means” . This infrastructure leverages a system of digital certificate distribution and a mechanism for associating these certificates with known origin and target sites at each participating server. TTPs are operationally connected through chains of trust (usually called certificate paths) in order to provide a web of trust forming the notion of a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

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For a good organization it is very essential to have a cloud that allows investigation from a single party, audit the outsource data to ensure the data security and save the user?s computation and data storage. It is very important to provide public auditing service for cloud data storage, so that the user trusts an independent third party. The Trusted Third Party (TTP) checks the integrity of data on the cloud on the behalf of the users, and it provides thereasonable way for the users to check the validity of data in the cloud. On the whole, enabling public auditing services plays a vital role in establishing cloud economy, where by users need way to assess to risk and gain faith in the cloud. Public auditing, in addition to user provides the external party to verify the correctness of stored data against the external attacks.Three different network entities can be identified as follows:- The Cloud User: is either a single user or an organization that has a large volume of data filesto be store in the cloud.

– The Cloud server: has a large storage space and computation resources to provide data storageservices.- The trusted third party (TTP): is a secure and reliable entity who has expertise and capabilitiesthat cloud users do not have and is trusted to assess the cloud storage.

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