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Employment Satisfaction Employment Satisfaction is an internal factor that can impact onemployment relationship. It also shows how satisfied employees are with theirjobs.

Employee satisfaction could use a survey that would address many subjectssuch as compensation, flexibility, team, resources, workload, etc. all of theseare important to have it in any company. It will help employee to be motivated,and happy for doing his/her job. In fact, some organisation does not believe onemployment satisfaction because they thought that if they satisfied employeesthey might take an advantage, so they do better without.     Working Condition One of the important internal factors that make employees getconcerned working condition that would include the working hours, absence, andtardiness…etc.  Each one has differentdefinition such as working hours. Every employees have committed in work hoursby working at least 8 hours straight every business day if they are permanentsemployees. Absence and tardiness have a very strict penalty because eachemployee has to perform his/ her duties effectively unless if it is anemergency, they need to provide a report of absence, report of late, call themanager.

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Unauthorisedabsences or tardiness are considered leave without pay and may result indisciplinary action.Two external factors which can impact on the employmentrelationshipSocialThis external factor could affect the employment relationshipimpact in negative or positive way. If the employee has a great relation withother employees in the company, it would lead into a positive production forthe company. On the other hand, if the employee has not felt comfortableworking with other employees that would defiantly lead into negative impact andit would probably hurt the company’s production.      Technological Technological factor is an external factor that would surely influencethe employment relationship. It can change the business environment dramatically.

For a great example, BMW is successful car company that has an innovation witha new technology every car that they made. They have a management style thatwould help the company to create and focus to adapt new technology.  1.2 Three different typesof employment status EmployeeEmployee is the type of employment status that has the termsof employment contract, which it will carry out the work personally by fully entitlingwith employment rights. The contract should exist the term of payment, annualleave, and working hours, it also should be approved by the company and the employee.    WorkerA worker is any individual who responsible to do orperform personal work or service for another party within limitation of employmentcontract.

A worker is very similar to employee but the only different thing isthat it has a little limitation in employment right act such as a minimum wagesor annual leaves. This employment status exclude the self-employed work.     Self-employed A self-employed is an individual who are responsible torun her/his own business and take risk to achieve the business’s goal. Self-employedpeople who are more focused by providing a contracted service for clients. Theydo not have the same employment rights such as employees or workers.


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