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EnergyExercise is essential for us to stay healthy and fit to be able to live the longest happiest life possible! There are 11 major muscle groups and 7 essential nutrients that are important to focus on in order to stay healthy and be the best selves we can be. The first major muscle group is quadriceps. The quadriceps are located in your thigh. We have 4 major muscles that make up the quads but they all fall under the quadricep category. 3 exercises that can be done to work out your quads are squats lunges and barbell hack squats. weight lifting complete. .

The second major muscle group is your hamstrings. Hamstrings are similar to your triceps but are located on the lower body apart of your thighs. “They are used during squats, but you should give them more attention with romanian deadlifts, stiff legged deadlifts, and pull thrus. If you really want to prevent injury and build a nice set of legs.” The next muscle group is your calves. “One of the keys to building calves is to work each major muscle group in the calf area: the gastrocs, the soleus, and the tibialis anterior.”weight lifting complete.

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Some exercises you can do for your calves are wall stretch, calf raises and calf presses. The next muscle group is backs this is one of the most important muscle groups. Tons of the back muscles need attention and often times some athletes don’t pay enough attention to all of them. “Weight training exercises like Deadlifts develop thickness in your back while Rows work on both width and thickness. Pull Up and Chin Up variations work on making your back wider.” weight lifting complete.

The next muscle group is the shoulders some things that make up your shoulders are the side deltoids, front deltoids and rear deltoids. The overhead press is one exercise you can do that can help build shoulder muscles. The upright cable row front barbell raise and cable rear delt flyes. The next muscle group is the triceps which are just as important as your biceps they make up ? of your arm. Some good highly effective exercises for your triceps are reverse grip bench, close grip bench grips and dips. Biceps are the next Muscle group. Some good excersises for this are close grip pull ups, dumbbell curl, and barbell curl.

Next is the forearms. Good excersies to work your forearms although they get worked during many other excersise are pinwheel curls, hammer curls, and wrist curls. The trapezius or ‘traps’ for short is the huge upper back muscle that makes a triangle shape with the point in the middle of your upper back. Good excerises for your traps are deadlifts, shrugs and low cable face pull. The final major muscle is the abs.

You can work your abs by doing sit ups russians twists and scissor kicks. Nutrients are essential to grow big and strong and maintain good health. There are 7 main types of nutrients. Water is the most basic nutrients. We must drink lots of water because without it we can die . Even 80% of our bodies mass is water. It has been recommended that you drink up to eight glasses of water a day. The next nutrients is protein.

“The amino acids provide the buidling blocks for tissue, blood cells, hormones and enzymes.” admin Mr. Nicholson currently runs a graphic design business in Gahanna, Ohio as well as provide hip-hop fitness dance instruction at Life Time Fitness, Urban Active Fitness, Diamond Dance & Fitness and Phlex Fitness among others.  The next group is Carbohydrates, carbs provide energy to get through the day.

Carbs should be a big part of your diet especially if you are a competitive athlete. The next nutrient is Fiber. Fiber is a carbohydrate that is important in regulating your bodies functions. Vitamens is the next nutrients.

“They are organic compounds. They essential for body growth, function, maintenance and repair.” The next nutrient that your body needs is minerals.  “Minerals are inorganic compounds that aid in energy production and body maintenance as well as assisting in the control of body reactions.” admin To maintain a balanced diet it is recommended to eat many fruits vegetables and meats with all these minerals.

The next nutrients is Fat. Fat is what stores your energy and acts like a insulator protecting your body from losing heat. ” Fat also helps produce hormones, cushion vital organs like the liver and kidneys, and aid in the absorption of certain vitamins.”

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