Eng 11A Perspectives in Amer Lit (Unit 1)

Topic: HistoryRomanticism
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Last updated: April 22, 2019
In Countee Cullen’s poem “The Dark Tower” when he speaks of planting while others reap he is speaking about ?
racial injustice and how the American identity shifted

Literary characteristics of Walt Whitman’s poems
romanticizes the life of the laborer/uses repetition for emphasis/avoids traditional poetic devices

Literary characteristics of Langston Huges’ poems
part of the Harlem Renaissance/looks forward to racial equality/ describes a fragmented United States

figurative language used in “I, Too”
A reference to Whitman’s “I Hear America Singing” and free verse

figurative language used in “The Dark Tower”
paradox of social injustice/uses set meter and rhyme scheme/ symbol of wasted efforts/tone of anger and resentment

what phrase in “I Hear America Singing” describes a unified America
I hear America singing, the varied carols I hear

word meaning “point of view”

what paradox of social injustice is presented in “From the Dark Tower”
Degrading someone ultimately causes a person to become inferior to those they believe to be subordinate

How are American literature and the American identity interrelated
American literature often portrays aspects of the American identity

If people in “I Hear America Singing” were speaking rather than singing how would that change the tone
less hopeful

which best describes the symbolic and figurative meaning of the first line “From the Dark Tower’
The speaker believes that he will one day share equally in the fruits of human labor

In “I, Too” why does the speaker say “they” will be ashamed
because they realize that the person they dismissed is actually beautiful

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