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All in all, nanoscale precious stone particles have increased important consideration as a result of its numerous applications in various fields, for example, atomic attractive reverberation imaging (MRI), sedate conveyance, radiance imaging, detecting, quantum registering, surface coatings, et cetera. There are immense beneficial explanations behind nanodiamonds, nanodiamonds give eminent biocompatibility and minimal cytotoxicity in natural conditions and show remarkable mechanical abilities, which turn nanodiamond as a most appropriate material in

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CHAPTER1INTRODUCTION      In the last twodecades , the use of biodegradable products has been risen as these productshas many potential benefits of greenhouse balance. Also the oils extracted fromsome vegetables and mineral products has been used for the purpose oflubrication. After the petroleum and cheaper oils came into existence,alternatives went unnoticed. Again the attention fell on vegetable oils duringthe time of war and when there is a lack of oil. During

CHAPTER states that the amount of total current

                                              CHAPTER -1                           INTRODUCTION1.1 RadialFeeder ProtectionThe modern age has come to heavily depend upon the continuesand reliable flow of electricity because there are many appliances that needelectricity to carry out their work .Computer and telecommunication networks, industries, railways ,Airports are the few applications that required the continuous andhigh value of electricity to carry out their functions properly.

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La technologie de vision industrielle est plus que jamais un catalyseurde progrès dans le domaine du contrôle-qualité automatiséLessystèmes de vision industrielle peuvent introduire l’automatisation dansle processus de production à différents niveaux, allant simplement du processusd’inspection à une partie intégrante d’un système de contrôle de processusstatistique capable d’identifier le moment où un processus de fabrication esthors spécification. Des mesures peuvent être prises avant la fabrication detout produit défectueux.Les systèmes d’inspection en ligne acquièrentdes

Because in foods (246). A highly sensitive method

Because ofsome drawbacks of TLC, a novel SPE method has been developed to separate4-desmethyl-, 4-monomethyl-, and 4,4-dimethyl sterols in vegetable oils, whichis shown in Figure 13 (170). After separation of different sterolfractions by TLC or SPE, they are analysed by GC to obtain their compositionand also quantity. Figure 14 shows separation of trimethylsilyl etherderivatives of the purified 4,4?-dimethyl sterols of hazelnut oil and virginolive oil by GC.Todetermine the free and

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