3.1 oleh terapi. 3. Alamat pasien tidak ditemukan.

 3.1  RancanganPenelitian Penelitianini bersifat observasional analitik dengan pendekatan crosssectional. Yangdimaksud dengan penelitian analitik yaitu penelitian yanghasilnya tidak hanya berhenti pada tarafpendeskripsian, akan tetapidilanjutkan sampai taraf pengambilan simpulanyang dilakukan denganmenggunakan uji statistik untuk menganalisisdata yang diperoleh. Yangdimaksud dengan pendekatan cross sectional yaitu pengumpulan data yangdilakukan hanya satu kali pada saat yang samauntuk menjawab suatupertanyaan penelitian (Taufiqurohman, 2004). 3.2  Tempat danWaktu PenelitianPenelitian ini mengambildata rekam medis di RSDdr. Soebandi Jember.Pengambilan data primer dilakukan

Thin a choice is given on the thin

Thin Film Structure Order (CdS/4-CTP/Au/substrate):Tasked with theproduction of a thin film structure consisting of a 5 nm CdS layer, a4-carboxythiophenol (4-CTP) layer, and a 5 nm gold (Au) layer on an insulatingsubstrate, a choice is given on the thin film structure of eitherAu/4-CTP/CdS/substrate or CdS/4-CTP/Au/substrate. In literature, it has beenshown that the orientation of certain self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) such as4-CTP can be dependent on the surface used1. For a bifunctional

Origin of Life

The origin of life was fast believed to come from the organic matter. The spontaneous generation stated that life arose from organic matter. The main evidence was that if garbage were put outside the rats would come (Mortiz, 2010). This theory could have been true but there is no data to support this claim because there are no specifications as to how the rights were created by the garbage or

Optical e.g. moving observer and static objects, static

Optical flowOptical flow or Optic flow is thesequence of visible motion of object in a displayed scene which is theresultant of relative motion in between observer and scene. Optical flowreflects the changes occurred in an image when objects of the given imagemoves, obviously it is inconvenient to say the objects in an image are moving,it will be the video with a constant environmental background and we are goingto consider it

X-ray obtained were compared to the Joint Committee

X-ray diffraction technique was used toexamine the crystal structure of the ZnO nanoparticles, as shown in Fig. 2. The XRD results obtained werecompared to the Joint Committee on Powder Diffraction Standards (JCPDS) X raydata file. Patterns peak of XRD shows a good agreement with Hexagonal structurebase on. In the observed XRD patterns, no other diffraction peaks related withany impurity is detected, confirms the high purity of synthesized ZnO particles17. Average

Conventional Computing can work on images, pictures, sounds,

Conventional Computing uses sequential processing and works on Machine learning and statistical Analysis while the Intelligent Computing has the ability to do many tasks at the same time.Conventional Computing works on the basis of a predefined set of rules and code while Intelligent Computing can work on images, pictures, sounds, light sensors etc.Conventional Computing cannot always process the data perceived by the real world by the sensors (like CAMERAS, RADAR,

3.2.2 3 dan Seksyen 4. Juga, terdapat empat

3.2.2Bandar Baru Bangi Bandar Baru Bangi merupakan sebuahbandar yang terletak di mukim Kajang, iaitu kira-kira 25 km dari bahagiantenggara Kuala Lumpur. Bandar Baru Bangi ini terletak di bawah kuasa pentadbiranMajlis Perbandaran Kajang atau nama singkatannya MPKj. Keluasan kawasan BandarBaru Bangi yang telah dibangunkan adalah 2,925 hektar. Pembangunannyadilaksanakan secara berperingkat-peringkat bermula pada tahun 1977 (DirektoriBandar Baru Bangi, 1998). Bandar Baru Bangi dibahagikan kepada beberapa seksyeniaitu antaranya Seksyen 1, Seksyen 2, Seksyen

Of consist of a layer of ionic water

Of the many planets in our solar system, Neptune is not the most widely discussed. Neptune is the eighth and farthest planet from the Sun in our Solar System.  Neptune is an ice giant, which means it is smaller and has higher concentrations of volatiles than Jupiter or say Saturn. Much like Jupiter and Saturn, the atmosphere of Neptune is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium, along with traces

Multiscale ripple of 0.001 dB and stopband ripple

Multiscale amplitude modulation – frequency modulation (AM-FM) methods used to identify the difference between normal and abnormal retinal image.  The summation of instantaneous amplitude, instantaneous frequency magnitude, and relative instantaneous frequency angle from multiple scales are used as texture feature vectors.It included the similarity span difference between the derived feature vectors to computed inter-structure.The output is the presentation of data of normal retinal structure and abnormal region in the tissue

Financial being input to the ANN. The input

Financial market prediction isalways an important task for investors. Recently, machine learning methods takea vital role on this task. Various machine learning techniques have beencarried out; “Time Series, Neural Network and its different variation (RNN,ESN, MLP, LRNN etc.) and different hybrid techniques (combination of neuralnetwork with different machine learning techniques) (ANFIS, GA/ATNN, GA/TDNN,ICA-BPN).” x Among this numerous of methods, neural networks generate thebest results unless prediction of stock price is

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