Squirrel Lab

Eastern Gray Squirrels have adapted to eating unman foods such as potato chips, seeds, fruit, etc. But have Eastern Gray squirrels become so adapted to eating human foods that they prefer easily accessible human food over their own natural food such as nuts? This question leads to my experiment of squirrels food preference, corn (human food) or acorns, one of the eastern gray squirrels primary food. The experiment will located

Speed of Sound

The calculated wavelength was then multiplied by the respected frequency to finally achieve our goal, the speed of sound. These include utilizing the correction factor, considering estimate of error, and acquiring multiple measurements for the average. This significantly reduced the random error, and led to a more precise and agreeable outcome. By measuring the diameter of tube, the correction factor was calculated. This value is quite significant when it comes


According to the graph, females’ pulse rate Increases higher than males’ while exercising. This means that females use more energy while exercising therefore needing more oxygen throughout their body. Although this Is true, after exercising, women (on average) take less time to recover to their resting heart rate than men do. They also have a lower average resting heart rate. My data is below average. This is most likely because

For my subject, I’ve chosen to make a general comparison between the ‘Candie Gardens’ and ‘Cambridge Park’

For my subject, I’ve chosen to make a general comparison between the ‘Candie Gardens’ and ‘Cambridge Park’. This will include,* The facilities that people use* The type of people that make use of these facilities (age etc)* The amounts of people that make use of these facilities* The transport links to and surrounding the areas* The traffic to and surrounding the areas* The amounts of parking spaces in or around

Graffiti levels decrease as you go away from the CBD

Graffiti would be found in areas of low land value surrounding the PLVI (peak land value intersection where the land is of highest value because of less care over environmental cleaning. The suburbs would be relatively graffiti-free. The Burgess Concentric ring Model of Land Use shows this.This picture was obtained from the site: http://www.bennett. reason why there is hardly any in the CBD is because when the graffiti is

Bioinorganic Coordination Chemistry

This experiment uses H2TTP made during the last lab and hydrated copper (II) acetate to convert the H2TTP to Cu(TTP). The reaction proceeds by being refluxed for 30 minutes. The final product is a non-iridescent purple color, unlike the vivid, shimmering purple color of the starting H2TTP. Introduction Thin layer chromatography, or TLC, is used as a prerequisite for column chromatography. When performing types of chromatography, like TLC, the polarity of solvents

Planning an Investigation into Parental Use of Physical Punishment

For this investigation the field experiment could be used. As the kids will be in their own natural environment and they will more likely to act naturally like they do in every day life. To test their concentration to play a slide show with different kind of pictures and words and kids would need to remember and write down what they have remembered. This experiment will be carried out for

The world travel to school

I will obtain my data from a data collection site called Census at School. From this, I can get a computer generated random sample of 30 people from both England and South Africa. This will provide me with a range of results on distance travelled and time taken to get to school. Once I have obtained the results I will analyse them and work with them in a way which

Introduction Enterprise network Security

Introduction Enterprise web Security Purpose of endeavor web security in an endeavor becomes really clear after cyber onslaughts. Recently, Al-Qaeda is purpose on engaging cyber-warfare against Britain and new defense mechanisms will be built against such onslaughts from China and Russia, Lord West, the Security Minister, has said ( on 11:59AM BST 25 Jun 2009 ) . Hacker are keep attacking and aiming Pentagon and Nasa Computers and its become

Aneurysmal primary ABC are due to t(16;17) translocation which

Aneurysmal bone cysts (ABC) are benign expansile osteolytic tumor-like lesions that are characterized by multiple blood-filled cavities. It can affect any bone in body, but most commonly in long bones especially in the eccentric metaphysis. The clinical presentation is mainly pain, swelling, as well as deformity due its ability to expand which may lead to pathological fracture, and restriction of movement. It may also cause neurologic symptoms (location dependent). The

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