English Composition and English Second Language (ESL)

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Last updated: April 22, 2019

Writing two essays in my ESL class was a significant writing experience because they helped me create cohesive paragraphs. This class has taught me how to write well-organized papers.My writing has improved gradually, but I still have some work to do. I did not realize there were numerous styles of writing that I had to master as well as new ways of thinking, and I have to come up with questions and answer these issues with critical research and knowledge.

As a result, most of the essay writing skills of that time cause of consistently lower grades. During the day, I spent time learning the critical writing skills in my ESL class.I still have a concern that I should improve my writing skills to be a competent writer. I had chosen two essay topics,”Adoption” and “The challenge of freshmen students” to demonstrate my improvement and also my weaknesses thatI need to work it on. Most of my problems during the class were unable to produce highly competent paragraphs; my sentences did not grab the reader’s attention.

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For instance, I would not provide a logical explanation of the well-written essay.This kind of error has found in my third paragraph of Adoption article. My first topic of the article paragraph was trying to demonstrate how adoption help for the community, especially families who could not be able to raise their kids due to financial hardship. On the next paragraph, I was arguing how unplanned pregnancy contributes for adoption, and also young women gets attacked when they adopted their kids, such as invasive questions, and unwitting verbal attacks from people at their schools.I focus main point rather than detail with no direct example, and lack of clear objectives.

These mistakes lead to incomplete and contradicting ideas in a paragraph. Accordingly, I got to learn that a proper essay structure is critical in writing essays, and it limits any article writer to focus on the single idea with details to support the cl…

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