English Exam Review

Whic king was beheaded resulting in the abolition of monarchy?
Charles I

The Glorious revolution took place in what years?

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Name 4 characteristics of the Glorious Revolution
Took place in 1688BloodlessProtestant took the throneParliment was NOT stripped of all power

Name 4 characteristics of the Restoration Era
Two factions were formed in ParlimentEnlightenment Age had begunTechnological advancements increased food supplyFactories did NOT improve the live of thousands of people

What era did the Metaphysical poetry emerge?
The Restoration Era

What era had mixed religios and Humanistic themes?
The restoration era

What writing did the Restoration Era mirror after?
Roman and Greek classics

What were the types of literature in the Restoration Era?
poems, plays, and masques

What is the message of Holy Sonnet 10?
An idea is debated by likening it to and argument but finally powerless tyrant

In Meditation 17, God is represented as who?
A child

Whats the motive for Meditation 17?
importantce of death and suffering in the spiritual existence

in On my first son, what is the best peice of poetry
his son

What is the theme of Song to Celia?
Sensuous pleasure of love

What can u determine about the speaker in Song to Celia
He unrealisticly idealizes his lady

The speaker in Song to Celia prefers what?
a natural appearance

In To His Coy Mistress the winged chariot refers to what
the approach of death

What does the flower in To The Virgins…. represent
The length of human life

What is the theme of Paradise Lost
Good and evil

What style is paradise lost written in?
Blank verse

What is the theme of Sonnet XIX
One does not have to accomplish great things to serve God

What is the attitude of Sonnet VII
The regret of the lack of maturity

What the overall goal in Eve’s Apology in Defence of Women?
Reveal unfair treatment of women in society

In Rape of the Lock the soldiers are the mock-epic substitute for what?

What is the purpose of Rape of the Lock?
Poke fun at the spoiled upper class

What point does the author make in Rape of the Lock?
The rich have too much time on their hands and not enough to think about

Elegy Written in a Church Courtyard is like other elegies because?
It shows the contemplation of the natural world

The theme of an Elegy Written in a Church Courtyard is what?
The great and lowly find equality in death

English poets who supported Charles I were known as?
Calvalier poets

Define Calvalier poets?
Poets who supported Charles I during the revolution and had a light-hearted attitude towards life

Define Metaphysical poets
Poets who used intellect and imagination as it relates to science, philosophy, and legend.

Describe the historical events of the Restoration period
Charles I took the throneFollowed by Oliver Cromwell who came up with Common WealthThen Charles the II took the throneHis son James the II took the throne but gave it away to Mary and William of Orange

Define and Italian Sonnet
A sonnet consisting of a octave and sestet, the octave presents a question and the sestet provides the answer

List and Define athe three themes of To his Coy Mistress
Carpe Diem- Seize the DayTempus Fugit- Time FliesMomento Mori- Reminder of death

List 5 characteristics of Metaphysical poetry
Sounds sweetSense of DignityArgumentReveals wittiness, realism, and ironyHold to central tradition of Elizabethan poetry

formal defense of a point

Two contradictory statements put next to each other to make a point

form of literature in which irony, sarcasm, and ridicule are employed to attack human vice and folly

repetition of a word or phrase as the beginning of successive clauses

Reference to something outside the work

List 4 characteristics of the Romantic period
England lost the American coloniesThe French Revolution happenedEngland experienced economic shifts in populationEnglands monarch did NOT die of small pox

What were Romantic poets known as?
Mind poetsNature poetsLyrical poets NOT escapist poets

What is the most important Romantic work?
Lyrical ballads

What is the theme of The Lamb?
Kindness of the creator

In The Tyger, what overcame the stars?

What is the theme of The World is Too Much With Us?
Frenzied quest for wealth

Why did Wordsworth support the Revolution?
It claimed to support rights and importance of individuals

What is the theme of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
Sanctity of all ancient creatures

What is the tone of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?
fresh horror and awe

What does the Albatross represent?
Luck, nature, and guilt

What is the theme of She Walks in Beauty?

What is the theme of Don Juan
The heart has lost its power to feel

What is the political message of Ozymandias?
No dictator can rule absolutely

What does the West Wind represent?
Its destructiveness can make new life possible

What is the author worries about in When I Have Fears That I May Cease to Be?
Not living long enough

What type of ode it Ode on a Grecian Urn?
Horatian Ode

What is the theme of Ode on a Grecian Urn?
Eternal Youth and Hope

What are the characteristics of a Byronic Hero?
Struggles with integrityDashingly handsome characterDistaste for social norms

Explain the Octave and Sestet in The World is Too Much with Us
Octave: laments getting and spending of the materialistic worldSestet: Experience nature and restore mankind

What were Wordsworth’s 4 main themes of his writing?
Faith in the common manNatureEmotionsSocial justice

Describe the Romantice period. What were the economic and political climates of the time? What themes did the writers embrace?
Economic: Shift from agrarian to industryPolitical: Lost American Colonies Feared repercussions of French RevolutionThemes: Focused on use of imagination Prized experience of the beauty of nature Interested in thoughts and feelings

What is the common idea between to a skylark and ode to west wind?
Embrace life

Describe the Woman in She Walks in Beauty
She is very pretty on the outside which means she is beautiful on the inside and pure

List the Four Characteristics of the Romantic Period
Focused on emotion, imagination, intuition and freedom

Mock Epic
A work of literature that applies the characteristics and conventions of epic poetry to trivial subject matter for the sake of humor, irony, parody, or satire.

Horatian Ode
A long formal lyric poem with a serious theme

a song or songlike poem that tells a story

Internal rhyme
rhyme within a line

What was In Memoriam A.H.H. written to commemorate?
A dead close friend

Who is the speaker of In Memoriam A.H.


The poet himself

What is the theme of In Memoriam A.H.H.
Although his friend is dead the speaker holds his memory close

What is the 2 theme of Tears, Idle Tears
Events end and die and we learn from it,The pain of remembrance

What is the speaker like in My Last Dutchess?
Arrogant and Patronizing

What type of poem is My last Dutchess?
a Dramatic Monologue

What does the speaker in Love among the ruins value?
Values love above fame or power

What do the alternating lines in Love among the ruins contrast?
Past and present

What is the theme of Sonnet 43?
Values of love over religion

What is the view of the world in Dover Beach
The world does not contain joy, love, or peace to those who dwell in it

What is ironic about the Darkling Thrush?
The mood changes unexpectedly

What is the mood of the Darkling Thrush?
Cautious optimism

What is the purpose of Are you Digging on My Grave?
Undercut sentimental assumptions

What is the theme of To an Athelete Dying Young?
Glory doesnt last

What is the tone of When I was One a Twenty?

What class embraced the novel?
Middle class

List 4 characteristics of the Victorian Era
British formed colonies to gain raw materialsBritish fought in the Crimean WarBritish believed they were superiorBritish did NOT own colonies on every continent

Improvements were made about what in the Victorian Era? And farmers were given what?
Factory conditionsFree trade

_________ attended universities during the Victorian Era

_____ were not Over-hauled during the Victorian Era
Prison systems

Who was the poet best known for his love of poetry?
Alfred Lord Tennyson

What are the 4 main genres of the Victorian Era
PoetryNovelsDramaSocial Critisisms

Which religious controversy emerged during the Victorian era and how did it effect literature and authors?
Darwins theory of evolution emerged and it caused writers to about everyday problems and not about moral issues like in the Romantic period

Describe the Advice the speaker recieved in When i was One and Twenty, did he follow it?
He said to not give your heart away easily to other people. No he did not, he learned the hard way by not heeding the advice

Describe the two symbols in Dover Beach
1st stanza: The serene picture of nature represents the world as a dream that it will once be2nd Stanza: Darkling plain describes how the world is today

Describe the historical context of the Victorian time period. Provide political, economical and technological advancements.
Political: Queen Victoria reigned 64 years, Factory abuses were exposed, women got rightsEconomical: middle class developed, free trade to farmers, COuntry expanded in size, economy boomed, Britian gained World Power

One line of verse carries into another

A part representing a whole

the repetition of words or phrases at the beginning of consecutive lines or sentences

Dramatic Monologue
A poem which an imaginary character speaks to a silent listener, in which he reveals his true thougts and feelings

rhythmic flow of a sequence of sounds or words

Word or phrase used in place of a term that could be considered harsh or offensive

Who took the throne after queen Victoria
Edward VII

Name 3 things that were invented in the Edwardian Age
Telephone, Airplanes, electricity

What happened after the Edwardian Age
World War I

What treaty ended WWI
Treaty of Versailles

Who was the Lost Generation?
Hemingway and Fitzgerald

When did hitler invade poland

When could women vote in England?

When did France fall in WWII?

Name 2 postwar problems for england
Left weakFood shortages

Who gained Independence from England?

Who came into power, and what did he/she do to govt
Margaret Thatcher came into power and she de-regulated government

Whats the definition of Modernism?
Literary movement where writers believed the world offered false hope and promise

What are the three characteristics of Modernism?
Alienation/DisconnectionUse of fragments and stream of conciousness and interior dialogueBreak away from traditional writings

What was the Auden generation?
Writers concerned with political and social issues

Who were part of the Auden Generation

H. AudenDylan Thomas

What did The Movement capture?
Everyday experiences

Who was part of the Edwardian Age?
Joeseph ConradD.H. LawrenceE.M.


Who wrote about psycological realism?
Joseph Conrad

What is the theme of Preludes?
People of the modern world live dirty hopeless lives of unfulfilling routines

What is the theme of “Journey of the Magi”?
Alienation and powerlessness

What is the theme of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Night?
He asks his father not to die yet cause there was more he could live for

What is the theme of The Lagoon?
Death is inescapeable

Who wrote Holy sonnet X?
John Donne

Who wrote A Valediction Forbidding Mourning?
John Donne

Who wrote Meditation XVII
John Donne

Who wrote On My First Son
Ben Johnson

Who wrote Song to Celia?
Ben Johnson

Who wrote Still to be Neat?
Ben johnson

Who wrote To His Coy Mistress?
Andrew Marvell

Who wrote To the Virgins; To Make Much of Time
Robert Herrick

Who wrote Delight in Disorder?
Robert Herrick

Who Wrote Eve’s Apology in Defense of Women?
Amelia Lanier

Who wrote Rape of the Lock?
alexander pope

who wrote paradise lost?`
john milton

who wrote Sonnet VII
John Milton

Who wrote Sonner XIX
john milton

who wrote a modest proposal?
johnathan swift

who wrote and elegy written in a church courtyard?
thomas gray

Who wrote the lamb?
William blake

Who wrote the tyger
William blake

who wrote rime of the ancient mariner?
Samuel taylor coleridge

who wrote the world is too much with us?
William wordsworth

who wrote London 1802?
willam wordsworth

Who wrote she walks in beauty?
Lord byron

who wrote don juan
Lord byron

Who wrote Ozymandias?
Percy shelley

Who wrote Ode to the West wind?
Percy Shelley

Who wrote To a skylark?
percy shelley

who wrote when i ahve fears that i may cease to be?
John Keats

who wrote ode on a grecian urn?
John Keats

Who wrote pride and prejudice?
Jane austen

who wrote in memoriam A.H.H.

Lord Tennyson

Who wrote Ulysses
Lord tennyson

who wrote tears idle tears?
lord tennyson

who wrote my last dutchess?
Robert browning

who wrote sonnet 43
Elizabeth browning

who wrote Dover beach?
Matthew arnold

who wrote the darkling thrush?
thomas hardy

who wrote are u digging on my grave?
thomas hardy

who wrote to an athlete dying young?
A.E. houseman

who wrote when i was one and twent?
A.E. houseman

who wrote when you are old?

B. yeats

who wrote the lake isle of innisfree?
W.B. Yeats

who wrote the second coming
W.B. yeats

Who wrote sailing to byzantium?
W.B. yeats

Who wrote Preludes?

S elliot

Who wrote journey of the magi?
T.S. elliot

Who wrote the lagoon?
Joeseph conrad

Who wrote the rocking horse winner?
D.H. Lawrence

Who wrote the lady in the looking glass?
Virginia Woolf

who wrote do not go gentle into that good night?
Dylan thomas

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