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Last updated: December 15, 2019
what is a haiku
traditional japanese poem, 3 lines, 17 syllables

what is a haiku concerned with

what senses are involved in a haiku
sight touch taste sound smell

what does a haiku convey
a mood or glimpse of scene

what is readers task
complete poem with using her imagination

prefigures the what movement

nature over civilization

values what over reason
emotion and imagination

western value city

haiku/ tanka
explore harmony between mankind and nature, need for solitude, discovery for true self by means of nature. predates the European movement by a century and more

matsuo basho
classic Japanese poet1644 to 1694greatest of Japanese haiku poetsinfluenced by zen philosophy attracted to secluded simple lifeconcerned with asking weird questions that seem to not have an answer

five line poem 5/7/5/7/7 31 syllables

kobayashi issa
1763-1827, cynical and humorous, hard life, farmers son, nursed a dying father- left his studies, wife and three children died

yosa buson
1716-1783, visually intense poems (he was a painter) wandered for ten years after teacher (mentor) died

ki no tsurayuki
near 844-946, greatest Japanese tanka poets

emotional attitude toward the reader or toward the subject implied by a literary work- use adjectives when writing about tone. describe theme through noun

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