English IV : Unit 3

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Last updated: December 4, 2019
The gathering of fiction’s elements into an organized pattern or _______ is important.

Need this to discover the underlying motivations of why a character in fiction takes certain actions.

A comedy in drama could be playful or _____ .

Third-Person Limited
Type of narrative in both its forms became the most popular during the 20th century.

Second Person
Used in short stories, particularly ones with an accusatory tone.

Moral Dilemma
A situation in which an individual must make a decision about right and wrong.

Visual/Concrete Poetry
Refers to poetry in which the way the words are arranged is as important as the words themselves.

The most common metrical foot in English poetry.

Free Verse
Poems that lack lines of regular beats or ones that end in rhyming words.

Bound Verse
Verse that has a definitive metrical pattern.

Choral Ode
A type of poetry that was sung on stage in ancient Greece.

The message a fiction work delivers.

Comedy of Humours
A comedy that traces what happens to a character whose humours are out of balance.

Events that occurred before.

Alliterative verse
In the Middle Ages, poetry contained mostly ______ _____ .

Dynamic character
Changes throughout the story.

George Shaw
Play wright whose plays foreshadowed modern plays.

Static character
Doesn’t change.

Inciting incident
A point in a drama that informs the audience of a major dramatic question.

More commonly used in modern poetry

Charlotte Bronte
Composed Jane Eyre

The relationship between the narrator and the plot.

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