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Last updated: December 17, 2019
– But love is just a game. – Doesn’t this sentence just perfectly sum up modern love? – Maybe when I say phrase ‘modern day love’ your mind flicks to the love games we play through social media such as the recent tinder scandals. – Or maybe you think love games we see movies 50 shades – Modern day love leads me to thinking of short love stories Brittany Spears’ 55 hour marriage or to ordinary day loves such love of cats, choc, coffee/ sleeping rainy

– And I’m not here to say you should turn away from these things because that would be a waste of time- I am here to merely challenge your ideas of love- All of these ‘loves’ one thing common – no meaning whatsoever- I would like know point time love became misused word. – When did love become book, movie, food, piece of clothing rather than a person or a poem expressing everything about that person that they love? Simply, when did love stop being love?

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– Poetry is now one of the very few forms of art that still captures love in its most pure state and Robert Frost born on the 26th of March, 1874 strived to unfold love world- He believed “Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and that thought has found words.

” – wrote poetry because he loved challenge convert complex idea such love into most simple form & cited as one few poets who bridged gap between 19th cent & modern day- Robert Frost put a part of his own history into his poems and used compression poetry’s structure explain evolution of love way timeless- never wasted any basic human emotions that came theme of love and because this his poems become eternal.

– main section of his life that looking at between 1902 1931 where his children influenced the tone of love in his poems. – When Love and a Question was written 1915, Frost had four children aged from 8 to 13 years- This poem has the theme of protective love and shows the mental battle Frost portrayed between duty to help his family or the duty to participate in society- During this time Frost had published two books, taken up his love of teaching over his father’s love of farming and his work showed a form of protective love for his young and fragile family.

– Moving to England 1912 also inspired Robert Frost here where he was influenced by contemporary British poets such as Edward Thomas, Ezra Pound and Robert Graves.- However in late 1915 Frost moved back to America and by 1923 he wrote the poem To Earthward- Again this poem links to children now from ages 16 to 21 where their lives were indeed blossoming with love- The theme for this poem instead realistic love and possible interpretation that Frost wrote this poem to warn his children of the sweet beginnings and harsh ends of love.

The first poem to be analysed is titled Love and a Question. Throughout the poem the groom has to decide whether or not to allow a complete stranger into the cottage that he and his wife staying at on the first night of their honeymoon. Here Frost uses dialogue as well as metaphors to emphasize the groom’s moral dilemma towards the stranger who we imagine asks ‘with the eyes more than the lips”. Moving down to stanza 2, the metaphor “the woodbine leaves littered the yard / autumn, yes winter was in the wind.

” has many different interpretations. This verse could simply be creating the imagery of autumn however it could also be interpreted as Frost’s confusion with his thoughts littering the yard in the place of the leaves.

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