english poetry unit

dramatic poetry
poetry that utilizes the techniques of drama -any drama that is written in verse that is meant to be recited, tells a story or refers to a situation-by a character that is written by the author

narrative poetry
one that tells the story -told by narrator, propels characters through plot

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lyric poetry
-written in highly musical language that expresses the thoughts, observations, and feelings of a single speaker-comparatively shorter-speaker presents a state of mind or emotional state

rhyme scheme
-regular pattern of rhyming words in a poem-indicated by using different letters for each new rhyme-ordered patterns at the end of lines

-use of any element of language–a sound, word, phrase, clause, or a sentence–more than once

repeated line or group of lines

-a poems rhythmical pattern determined by the number and arrangements of stressed syllables, or beats in each line-iamb: one unstressed syllable followed by one stressedexample: again, because, began

the use of words that imitate sounds -use to contribute a desired sound effectexample:buzz, whir, thud, hiss

-central message or insight into life revealed through literary work-subject of a piece of writing

-a character, place, thing, or event that stands for something else, often and abstract idea

-reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art

-the repetition of initial consonant sounds-used to give emphasis to words. imitate sounds, and to create musical effectsconsonance: repetition of final consonant sounds in stressed syllables with different sounds

-figurative language in which a nonhuman subject is given human characteristics

-figure of speech in which one thing is spoken of as though it were something else

-figure of speech in which the words like or as are used to compare two apparently dissimilar items-should surprise the reader

-descriptive or figurative language used in literature to create word pictures for the readers-details should come from sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, movement

-repetition of a grammatical structure in order to create a rhythm and to make words more memorable -ex. like father like son

-stanza or section of a poem made up of 4 lines, usually with a definite rhythm and rhyme scheme

-pair of rhyming lines, usually of the same length and meter

-using clues that suggest events that have yet to happen-helps create suspense

portray differences between appearance and reality, of expectation and result-verbal-dramatic-situational

free verse
-poem not written in a regular pattern of meter or rhyme

-14 line lyrical poem, usually written in rhymed iambic pentameter

concrete poem
-type of poetry with some sort of visual presentation to enhance the effect-does not always make a picture

-song like poem that tells a story, often one dealing with adventure or romance

making a fist is by who
naomi shihab nye

the fish is by who
elizabeth bishop

Ia belle dama sans merci is by who
john keets

who is talking in the poem Ia belle sans merci
narrator (random guy) >>> changes to a knight

what type of audience is ia belle dame sans merci for
general audience

what is the setting of ia belle same sans merci
midevil times, france, winter, in wooded area 1795-1821late fall early winter

what is the peom ia belle dame sans merci about
the narrator notices that the night is sick. the night has hallucinations about meeting a crazy woman who drags him in.

The knight says that he met a beautiful fairy lady in the fields. He started hanging out with her, making flower garlands for her, letting her ride on his horse, and generally flirting like knights do. Finally, she invited him back to her fairy cave.

Sweet, thought the knight. But after they were through smooching, she “lulled” him to sleep, and he had a nightmare about all the knights and kings and princes that the woman had previously seduced – they were all dead. he finally dies

how does the speaker feels about his subject in ia belle dame sans merci?
the knight feels upset about loving the girl. (serious, sad)- he doesn’t realize that she was faking loving him

what is the tone of ia belle dame sans merci

what is the mood of ia belle dame sans merci
death cold pail

what kind of poem is ia belle dame sans merci
dramatic poem????

does the poem ia belle dame sans merci have a rhyme scheme?
yes it is a quatrain scheme (abcb)

what literary techniques does ia belle dame sans merci have?
ending rhyme, metaphor (grainery is full–winter), irony (lady is angel of death), repetition, imagery (lilly on thy brow)

themes of ia belle dame sans merci
death has no mercy

who is talking in the peom the fish
fisherwoman (narrator)

what is the setting of the fish
at a lake in the boat summer or spring

what is the fish about
a girl caught a big fish and noticed how many times the fish got caught. she realized how many times the fish survived and decided to let him live once more.

mood of peom the fish
feels bad, amazed happy

literary techniques of the fish
alliteration, free verse, repetition, simile , imagery, metaphors

tone of the fish
respect reverant proud sympathetic

theme of the fish
have respect for the wisegive people a 2nd chancelife brings hooks respect survivors

the fish has
powerful adjectives/very descriptive

who is the speaker in making a fist
little girl narrator then becomes adult

what is the setting of making a fist
north of tapico.. on their way to vacation

what is making a fist about
a little girl gets car sick on the way to vacation and she asks her mother how do you know when you are going to die? because she thought she was going to die.

her mother answers “when you can no longer make a fist” Later on in life she realizes how much of a life lesson it was

mood of making a fist

literary techniques of making a fist
alliteration (drum in dessert) metaphors, imagery, symbolism (fist=power)

theme of making a fist
fight for what you believe is right never give up

tone of making a fist

what kind of poem is making a fist
lyric verse because it is emotional

is there a rhyme scheme in making a fist
free verse

who is speaking in danny deaver
2 soldiers (files on parade who is young, and color sargeant older)redcoats

setting in danny deaver
military base in india poorer area tells all about what kind of men the guys are

what is danny deavers about
a guy is dreading to watch someone being hanged. one soldier is speaking to the other about what is happening because the young soldier has never seen this happen before. danny deevers was a bad guy.. he shot his friend sleeping.

files on parade liked danny.. they were drinking buddies and they had cots next to each other.

what is the mood of danny deevers
serious, dreadful

literary terms of danny deever
alliteration, ending rhyme, personification, repetition, imagery, reframe, dialect,

is there a rhyme scheme of danny deever
there is a marching beat intentional guys marching in front of danny deever

what is the tone of danny deever
dramatic serious stern

theme of danny deever
you have to obey the rules, or you will end up in deep problemsactions have consequences and it affects othersmilitary doesn’t fool around

what kind of poem is danny deevers
dramatic poem

who is the speaker of metaphor
outside narrator

what is the setting of metaphor

what is metaphor about
every day you write something new. when the day is over you put it away.

then you do it all over again the next day. you get a chance to prove yourself each day.

what is the mood of this poem metaphor
open, serious, positive

literary techniques of metaphor
metaphor free verse end rhyme alliteration personification

is there a rhyme scheme to metaphor
free verse

theme of metaphor
don’t live in the pasteach day becomes a memorylearn from mistakes and move onget a clean slate each day .

Who is the author of Jazz Fantasia
Carl Sandburg

who is speaking in Jazz Fantasia
Carl Sandburg or a person who is passionate about jazz talking to people in a jazz band.

What is the setting of Jazz Fantasia
talking to jazzmen in a club

what is Jazz Fantasia about
the feeling jazz gives you.. jazz has power..

A man wants the band to play. jazz is upbeat, calm, flowy.. jazz can do anything.

what is the mood of Jazz Fantasia
passionate, upbeat, enthusiastic

what is the literary terms of Jazz Fantasia
onomatopoeia, simile, alliteration, rythm (stomping), rhyme, imagery, personification free verse

what is the theme of Jazz Fantasia
Jazz can do anything The power of jazzJazz is powerful music that can influence people

Who is the author of auto Wreck
Karl Shapiro

who is the speaker of Auto wreck
bystanders of a car accident

what is the setting of Auto Wreck
Highway in the city… serious accident .

.. at night?

What is Auto Wreck about?
a very bad accident happens.. people are very shocked.

. cops are calm.. the ambulance goes off very fast.

What does Auto Wreck do that is very cool
uses metaphors to compare bystanders to medical stuff

what literary terms are in auto wreck
simile repetition alliteration metaphor, free verse

what is the mood of auto wreck
death, sad, serious

what is the theme of auto wreck
death comes upon us in unexpected ways and it affects everyone

how many sonnets did shakespeare write?

what kind of format did shakespeare write in?
3 quatrain 1 couplet iambic pentameter (5 iambs per line)ababcdcdefefgg

sonnet sequence

themes of shakespeares sonnets
aging romantic love, immortality, death

what kind of woman did shakespeare write about
dark lady compared to what people usually wrote about

what does shakespeare do in the 1st 12 lines of sonnet 18
introduces problem

in the couplet of sonnet 18 shakespeare does what
the resolution

what is sonnet 18 about
shak. explains that he can not compare this woman to summers day.

she is better. she is forever beautiful. summer is unpredictable while the woman is not. he is the reason this woman can stay beautiful..

because of this sonnet that he wrote

who is sonnet 18 by
william shakespeare

who is the speaker in the sonnet
william shakespeare

setting of sonnet 18

mood of sonnet 18

theme of sonnet 18
william shakespeares writing has the power to keep a woman beautiful for forever

who is the author of Danny deever?
rudyard kipling

who is the author of metaphor?
eve merriam

What kind of poem is Danny Deever?

what kind of peom is metaphor

what kind of poem is sonnet 18

what kind of poem is ia belle dame sans merci

what kind of poem is jazz fantasia

what kind of poem is making a fist

what kind of poem is auto wreck

what kind of poem is the fish

1 unstressed syllable followed by one stressed

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