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Last updated: December 13, 2019
What is poetry
Poetry is shortened form of telling a story

Who wrote Man from Snowy River
Banjo Paterson

When was it written

What type of poem is it
It is a ballad

What is a ballad
A story told in poetry

What features of a story does the poem have
~ written in third person ~ complete sentences ~ Orientation, complication, resolution ~ setting- rough bushland in the southern part of New South Wales ~ Characters- Man from Snowy River ( the hero), Harrison, Clancy of the overflow, other rider ~ a hero- the man from snowy river

What gives rhythm and a regular beat to the poem
The rhythm couplets the poem is written in

What does the rhythm of the poem reflect
The movement of the riders on their horses and the wild horses galloping

Wha is colloquial language
Everyday language people use

What is at least one example of colloquial language from the poem
“All the cracks had gathered “, ” he hails from snowy river”, mob

What is the effect of colloquial language in the poem
It helps to make the poem seem more real

What is personification
Giving human qualities to things are not human

Similes, metaphors and personification are all examples of what type of language
Figurative language

Wha is a simile
A comparison between two things using ” like” or “as”

What is an example of a simile from the poem
“The old man with his hair as white as snow”

What is a metaphor
A comparison between two things using “like” or “as” – saying something is something else

What is an example of a metaphor from the poem?
“He bore the badge of gameness”

What is an example of a personification from the poem
” the stock whip woke the echoes and they fiercely answered back”

What is the effect of figurative language in the poem
It creates a more vivid picture of the setting and characters in the poem

What is alliteration
Repetition of initial consonant sound in words close together

What is an example of alliteration from the poem
“The best and boldest riders” and “on a dim and distant hillside”

What is the effect of alliteration in the poem
It adds to the rhythm of the poem

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