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Timet 1:30 Hour English Special Batch Model Test On TOEFL Mini Test-01 Total Marks: 100 Tick the correct answer and choose the incorrect word. 1. Arizona —– a very dry climate. (a) has (b) being (c) having (d) with 2.

Venomous snakes with modified teeth connected to the A poison glands in which the venom is secreted and stored. B C D 3. One of the least effective ways of storing information is learning ——- it. (a) how repeat (b) repeating (c) to repeat (d) repeat 4.

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Representative democracy seemed evolve simultaneously A B during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries in Britain, C Europe, and the United States.D 5. Strauss finished ——— two of his published compositions before his tenth birthday. (a) written (b) write (c) to write (d)writing 6. Many people have stopped to smoke because they are afraid A B C that it may be harmful to their health. D 7. Many modern architects insist on ——– materials native to the region that will blend into the surrounding landscape.

(a) use (b) to use (c) the use (d) using 8. During Jackson’s administration, those who did not approve A of permit common people in the White House were shocked B C by the president’s insistence that they be invited into the mansion.D 9. Please ——- photocopies of copyrighted material without the permission of the publisher. (a) no make (b) don’t make (c) not make (d) not to make 10. Please don’t parking in those spaces that have signs A reserving them for the handicapped. B C D 11. In the Morrill act.

Congress granted federal lands to the states ——– agricultural and mechanical arts colleges. (a) for establish (b) to establish (c) establish (d) establishment 12. Papyrus was used for to make not only paper but also sails, A B C baskets, and clothing.

D 13.If more than five thousand dollars in monetary instruments is transported into the United States, a report needs —–with the Customs Office. (a) file (b) filing (c) to file (d) to be filed 14. Because the interstate highway system linking roads across A the country was built about forty – five years ago, most of B C the roads in the system now need repaired.

D 15. —- Giant Ape Man, our biggest and probably one of our first human ancestors, was just about the size of a male gorilla. (a) it is believed that (b) that it is (c) that is believed (d) that believing 16.That it is believed that most of the earthquakes in the world A B occur near the youngest mountain ranges – the Himalayas, C D the Andes, and the Sierra Nevadas. 17. The Giraffe survives in part because it ——- the vegetation in the high branches of trees where other animals have not grazed. (a) to reach (b) can reach (c) reaching (d)reach 18.

According to some scientists, the earth losing its outer A B C atmosphere because of pollutions. D 19. Hydrogen peroxide ——– as a bleaching agent because it effectively whitens a variety of fibers and surfaces. a) used (b) is used (c) is using (d) that it uses 20. If a rash occurs within twenty – four hours after taking a A B new medication, the treatment should discontinued. C D 21. When Franklin Roosevelt became very ill, his wife began to take a more active role in politics, and many people believed that ——— and the president shared his responsibilities. (a) she (b) her (c) herself (d) hers 22.

We know that in 1000 A. D. Leif Eriksson landed on the A North American coast, and that him and his Norwegian B companions were the first white men to see the New World. C D 23.According to the Christian Bible, when the disciplines saw Jesus after he had risen from the dead, they said, ——-(a) “ It is him” (b) “ It is he” (c) “It is his” (d) “ It is himself” 24.

It is her, Elizabeth I, not her father, King Henry, who led A B C D England into the Age of Empire. 25. Moby Dick is a mythical account of evil and revenge as shown by Captain Ahab’s pursuit of the whale that had wounded —– earlier in life. (a) he (b) his (c) him (d)to him 26. According to legend, because the Native American Princes A B Pocahontas said that she loved he, Captain John Smith was C D set free.

7. Since the Earth’s crust is much thicker under the continents, equipment would have to be capable of drilling through 100,000 feet of rock to investigate the mantle —-(a) beneath them (b) beneath their (c) beneath its (d) beneath they 28. According to Amazon legends, men were forced to do all A B of the households tasks for the women warriors who C governed and protected the cities for they. D 29.

One property of radioisotopes is that ——— decaying occurs in half – lives over a long period of time. (a) they (b) them (c) they’re (d) their 30.Although Barney Clark lived only a few months with the A artificial heart doctors were able to learn a great deal from B him having used it. C D 31. Sports medicine experts agree that ice should be applied immediately when an athlete suffers an injury to —– leg. (a) its (b) an (c) the (d) his 32. According to the theory of natural selection, the man who was able to use the hands and feet most freely to walk and A B C grasp was the one who survived and evolved.

D 33. Charlie Chaplin was a comedian —— was best known for his work in silent movies. (a) who (b) which (c) whose (d)what 34.Absolute zero, the temperature at whom all substances have A B zero thermal energy and thus, the lowest possible C temperatures, is unattainable in practice. D 35.

In a parliamentary system, it is not the monarch but the prime minister ———–(a) whom the real power (b) who has the real power (c) whom has the real power (d)who the real power 36. The pilgrims were 102 English emigrants whom, after A arriving on the Mayflower, became the first European B C D settlers in New England. 37. The jaw structure of a snake permits it to eat and digest animals much larger than ——(a) it (b) itself (c) its (d) it has 38.According to the Fifth Amendment to the U. S. A Constitution, no person should be compelled to be a witness B C against him own. D 39.

Business partners can usually sell their mutually owned property without consulting —— unless they have agreed to a separate contract. (a) other (b) other one (c) one the other (d) each other 40. The twinkling lights of the firefly are signals so that the A B male and female of the species can find each to the other.

C D 41. A desert receives less than twenty-five ——- of rainfall every year. (a) centimeter (b) a centimeter (c) centimeters (d) of centimeters 42.In 1950 it was naively predicted that eight or ten computer A B C would be sufficient to handle all of scientific and business D needs in the United States. 43.

—– at 212 degrees F. and freezes at 32 degrees F. (a) water boil (b) the water boils (c) water boils (d) waters boils 44. The religion attempts to clarify mankind’s relationship with A B C a superhuman power. D 45.

It is generally believed that an M. B. A. degree is good preparation for a career in ———(a) a business (b) business (c) businnesses (d) one business 46.A space is the last frontier for men to conquer. A B C D 47.

Unemployment compensation is money to support an unemployed person while he or she is looking for —-(a) job (b) a job (c) works (d) a work 48. It is believed that a people could live on Mars with little A B C life support because the atmosphere is similar to that of Earth. D 49. Fire – resistant materials are used to retard —– of modern aircraft in case of accidents. (a) a damage to the passenger cabin (b) that damages to the passenger cabin (c) damage to the passenger cabin (d) passenger cabin’s damages 50.A progress has been made toward finding a cure for AIDS.

A B C D 51. Hybrids have one more ——- per plant than the other varieties. (a) corns (b)ear of corn (c) con ears (d) corn’s ears 52. A few tiles on Skylab were the only equipments that failed A B C to perform well in outer space.

D 53. Sunspots are known to cause ——– enormous increase in the intensity of the sun’s electro magnetic radiation. (a) an (b)a (c) some (d) one 54. Although almost all insects have six legs, a immature A B C insect may not have any.

D 55. —- of Country – Western singers may be related to old English ballads (a) the music (b) music (c) their music (d) musics 56. Philosophy of the ancient Greeks has been preserved in the A B scholarly writing of Western civilization. C D 57. ——– is an ancient source of energy.

(a) the wind (b) winds (c) wind (d) a wind 58. The soil is composed of a mixture of organic matter called A B C D humus and inorganic matter derived from rocks. 59. At Woolworth’s first five – ten –cents store, —— more than a dime. (a) neither items cost (b) items not cost (c) items none costing (d)no item cost 60.Some religions have none deity but are philosophers that A B C function instead of religions. D 61.

One of ——— of the late Middle Ages was Saint Thomas Aquinas, a scholar who studied under Albertus Magnus. (a) the thinkers who was great (b) the great thinker (c) the greatest thinkers (d) who thought greatly 62. One of the primary cause of accidents in coal mines is the A B C accumulation of gas. D 63. Although southern California is densely populated, —–live in the northern part of the state. (a) a little people (b) a few the people (c) few people (d) a little people 64.Unless one subscribes to a larger metropolitan newspaper A such as the Wall Street Journal, or the Washington Post, one B C will find very few news form abroad. D 65.

Although the Ojibwa Indians fought frequently with Sioux, they didn’t have —- with early white settlers. (a) much contact (b) lots contact (c) many contact (d) large contact 66. Many havey work that was once done by hand can now be A B C cone more easily with the help of compressed air. D 67. —– is currently available to researchers and physician who study and treat acromegaly, a glandular disorder characterized by enlargement and obesity. a) the little information (b) few information (c) little information (d)a few information 68. When there is a few money remaining after all expenses A B have been paid, we say that a small economic surplus or C profit has been created.

D 69. ——— can be grown on arid land. (a) only a few crops (b) only few crop (c) only a little crops (d) only little crop 70. Only a little early scientists, among them Bacon, A B C Copernicus, and Bruno, believed that the principles D underlying the physical world could be discovered and understood through careful observation and analysis. 1.

Only ——- of the breeds of cattle have been brought to the United States. (a) a small amount (b) a little amount (c) a small number (d) a little number 72. The amount of books in the Library of Congress is more A B C D than 58 million volumes. 73.

There are three kinds of solar eclipse: one is total, another is annular, and ——–(a) the another is partial (b) the partial is other (c) other is partial (d) the other is partial 74. One of the most popular major fields of study for foreign A scholars in the United States is business and the another is B C 75.Some plants are annuals, —– are biennial; and the rest are perennials. (a) some another (b) another (c) others (d) other 76.

Technically, glass is a mineral and ——————-. (a)water so (b)water is so (c)so is water (d)so water is 77. Some birds can travel at speeds approaching one hundred A miles an hour, and a few land animals can so. B C D 78. Although they are both grown in the United States and exported abroad, corn is not native to America and winter wheat —————-.

(a)is neither (b)isn’t either (c)isn’t neither (d)is either 79.According to many educators, television should not A B become a replacement for good teachers, and neither are C D computers. 80.

Bacterial sports germinate and sprout ——– favorable conditions of temperature and food supply. (a)when encountering of (b) when they encounter (c)when they will encounter (d) when they encounter of 81. In most states insurance agents must pass an examination to A B be licensed when they will complete their training.

C D 82. Recently, there have been several outbreaks of disease like egionnaire’s syndrome, and doctors don’t know ————(a) what is the cause (b)the cause is what (c)is what the cause (d) what the cause is 83. In Ground Control Approach, the air traffic controller A informs the pilot how far is the plane from the touchdown B C D point. 84. A symbol of the ancient competition, the Olympic flame burns ——- throughout the games.

(a) in a continuous way (b) continues (c) continuously (d) continual 85. Although the “Lake Poets” Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Southey were friends, they did not really form a group since A Southey’s style differed wide from that of the other two. B C D 86.When a woman becomes pregnant ————— in life, she encounters additional risks in delivering a healthy baby. (a) lately (b)lateness (c) latest (d) late 87. Overseas telephone service has been expanding fastly since A B is inauguration in 1927 when a radio circuit was established C D between New York and London.

88. Penguins, the most highly specialized of all aquatic birds, may live ———- twenty years. (a)before (b) since (c)for (d) from 89. Because national statistics on crime have only been kept for 1930, it is not possible to make judgments about crime A B C during the early years of the nation.D 90. Of all the cities in Texas, ————-(a) that San Antonio is probably the most picturesque (b)San Antonio is probably the most picturesque (c)probably San Antonio the most picturesque (d) the most picturesque probably that San Antonio 91. Thunder that is audible from distance as far away as ten A B C miles.

D 92. The Good Earth, ————–, is a novel set in China. (a) which by Pearl Buck (b) which was written by Pearl Buck (c) was written by Pearl Buck (d) Pearl Buck being the one who wrote it. 93. Quasars, which relatively small objects, emit an enormous A B mount of energy. C D 94. Most beekeepers have observed ———- at the approach of a thunderstorm. (a) enraging the bees (b) that bees become enraged (c) that bees enraging (d) become enraged the bees.

95. Most modern observatories contain telescopes that A B scientists using as cameras to take photographs to remote C D galaxies. 96.

Culture influences the way —————(a) viewing the world (b) that we view the world (c) the world view (d) is the view of the world 97. Of all the reference materials, the encyclopedia is the one A B that most people using. C D 98.The first transistor was basically a small chip made of germanium onto one surface of which two pointed wire contacts ——————- side by side.

(a) are made (b) made (c) were made (d) making 99. Because early balloons were at the mercy of shifting A B winds, they are not considered a practical means of C transportation until the 1850s. D 100. Ancient people believed that ————– with a sun and a moon rotating around it. (a) the earth was the center of the universe (b) the earth is the center of the universe (c)the center of the universe is earth (d) the universe has earth at the center.

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