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Last updated: April 27, 2019
Point out the roles of censorship and salons played in the spread of new ideas.
Censorship cause the spread of new ideas to go slower. Goverment and church authorities felt to defend the order of ruling, they must stop the flow of ideas. They used censorship to stop rebellion and overpowerment. Salons, informal gatheringd at which writers, artists, philosophes, an others exchanged ideas, were used mainly for higher class people. This caused the spread of ideas to mainly affect the upper class.

Indentify how philosophes influenced Enlightenment despots.

Philosophes influenced Enlightenment despots by exchanging ideas and encouraging them to make a difference. They also tried to persuade rulers and “enlighten” them. These rulers, such as Frederick II, Catherine II, and Joseph II, became Enlightenment despots.

Summarize how the Enlightenment affect the arts and literature.
The Enlightenment affected the arts and literature greatly. It helped create a new style of art, rococo, to replace the old style, baroque. Instead of having grand and complex art, the art was simple and elegant.

The novel was also created during the Enlightenment to help the spread of new ideas to distant places. Famous musicians, such as Mozart and Bach, were discovered and wrote many famous pieces and operas, which became popular during the Enlightenment.

Explain why the lives of the majority were unaffected by the Enlightenment.

The lives of the majority were unaffected by the Enlightenment because they did not have enough money to buy art or smart enough to write literature. They were out of the town’s gossip(from the upper class). They didn’t even know about the Enlightenment. They had a deep-rooted culture that changed very slowly.

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