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Entering theAge of Cryptocurrency: Trust Management of Digital Assets How many times have you gone ahead with atrade after doing your due diligence, checking numerous platforms for differentexchanges and trusted traders (if you are an investor), only to find that youcan actually manage all these on a single terminal right after? It can befrustrating and time-consuming to research and find the best exchange pairs andtraders to trade cryptocurrencies. This is especially true when you are anewcomer of the cryptocurrency trading scene and because of the volatile natureof the cryptocurrency values.

 With institutions across the globe realizingthe potential of blockchain as the backbone of cryptocurrency, and theskyrocket value of Bitcoin—the ancestor of all cryptocurrencies—it’s not hardto imagine that there is a blockchain-based startup that has found a way tosolve problems and avoid risks of cryptocurrency exchange for all stakeholders,through the trust management of cryptocurrencies assets.  Introducing theDisruptive Blockchain Platform: MercatusMercatus is a decentralized blockchainplatform that offers an open source protocol for trust management ofcryptocurrency assets to individuals—both investors and traders—tradingcryptocurrencies. This protocol let you trade directly with others in arelatively anonymous manner and aims to enhance the trading experience betweeninvestors and traders, benefiting everyone. We also intend to bring investorsand traders together via a secure and reliable system called Smart Contract. Asmart contract controls the trading through the internal algorithm,automatically processes profits and grants them. It doesn’t matter where theinvestors and traders are, they can be anywhere in the world without the borderconstraint. Mercatus Isthe Problem SolverIt is no surprise that Mercatus’ vision is tobring the public the next generation of blockchain. With decentralizedcurrencies for exchanges that will work for all investors and traders, notagainst them, Mercatus provides solutions that lie in its unique algorithm, tothe existing cryptocurrency exchange problems.

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 Through autonomous smart contracts and publicdata registry, users of Mercatus platform will be able to create a completelyself-contained and independent cryptocurrency exchange transaction without theinvolvement of an intermediate party. This ensures the safety of funds andfulfillment of contract terms between investors and traders, and thusminimizing the lack of trust between both parties and the loss of control overinvested funds. There is no chance that funds will be transferred to athird-party at Mercatus platform. Furthermore, Mercatus eliminates the risk ofviolation of contract terms from either investors or traders, because once theorder has been made, the smart contract between a trader and an investorcarries out all the necessary actions to complete the trade. The platform alsoallows users to do multiple exchanges concurrently, and the option to choosethe best traders with their trading profit history. This convenient featuremakes Mercatus attractive for users seeking to build a diversifiedcrytocurrencies portfolio with the most profitable traders, which waspreviously lacking.  Key Playersof MercatusInvestors and traders are the central partsin this crytocurrency trading system. They initiate the transaction and allowit to be executed and pushed through by the silent hero of Mercatus—the SmartContract.

Here are their roles at Mercatus platform. Traders: Trade and Receive Digital Assets Traders atMercatus are participants in the market of cryptocurrencies trading, who signup to Mercatus platform to start handling transactions. They are willing to receivecompensation in the form of digital assets, or crytocurrencies, throughprofitable transactions of their own and increase of an investor’s assets.

Tradershave all the required tools for trading on different cryptocurrency exchanges withtheir own expense or funds transferred to them through trust management. Theyare able to become investors themselves. Investors: Transfer Assets and Gain ProfitInvestors atMercatus are participants in cryptocurrency market with digital assets, andthey are willing to transfer these assets in trust management to successfultraders as compensation for the increase of investors’ assets.

Investors areinterested in fund safety and deploy a search algorithm on Mercatus to obtain reliableinformation of traders. Then, they choose the best traders to get the bestreturn. At a Glance:Benefits and Opportunities The most potent innovation is not the cryptocurrenciesitself. Rather it’s the underlying technologies that supports Mercatusplatform.  Mercatus offers the freedomand the flexibility required to trade crypto with ease, including ensuring thatboth traders and investors are getting the best deals and benefits. For All TradersWith just asimple internet connection, traders are able to access Mercatus platform andtrade with a single trading terminal that supports various major cryptocurrencyexchanges at the same time—through their own exchange accounts or accountstransferred to them in trust management by investors.

While the Ethereum SmartContract used by Mercatus provides unchangeable conditions of transaction for traders,it is also worth noting that they can fix the terms of concluded contracts toguarantee the completion of these conditions. What’s more,traders have the opportunities to offer their services on trust management topotential investors through Mercatus platform, and their commission fees areset for transaction at the moment of contracting. It is forsure those mentioned are not the only benefits that demanding everyone’sattention. There is also a rating system based for all traders based on theirauction bidding results, the higher a trader’s rating, the higher chance of aninvestor to entrust their cryotcurrency trading in them. Here is the best bit:the team at Mercatus is constantly striving together to proliferate thecapability and functionality of the platform: traders are able to configuretheir trading strategies; set parameters for future contracts, such as contractduration, target profit, and remuneration amount  For All InvestorsMercatus isgenerated by a decentralized process that provides total safety andtransparency of all transactions to investors.

In this transaction betweeninvestors and traders, all transaction conditions are set in Ethereum SmartContract and are unchangeable. Because Mercatus platform security is guaranteedby a hybrid consensus algorithm, investors’ funds will always be in theiraccounts without fraud. Mercatus platform allows traders to trade withinvestors’ exchange accounts but they do not take control investors’ funds. Fundsare transferred in trust management, not Mercatus platform.

 WhileMercatus is making trading exchanges on the cryptocurrency market way moreconvenient by providing investors a single interface to work on severalcontracts of various cryptocurrency exchanges with traders, investors are nowallowed to select the most successful or highly-rated traders for investment—togain the most favorable profits. The complete information of traders isavailable for the selection of traders and profits of investors can becalculated in different currencies, i.e., Bitcoin (BTH), Ethereum (ETH), and USDollar (USD).

 Unlike manycrytocurrency trading platforms, Mercatus has built an operating platform withreliable data on past profitability of traders’ commercial activities,confirmed by a hash sum of transaction saved in the blockchain. Therefore,despite the volatility of cryptocurrency, the abilities of Mercatus platform toset restrictions such as stop loss order, enable investors to have full controlof the progress of the contract and automatically complete trades when stop limitsare met to prevent further depletion of digital assets.               For the Crytocurrency Trading EcosystemIf allexchanges were to use the Mercatus protocol, there would be interconnectednessacross the network of crytocurrency trading ecosystem. Traders and investorswould no longer have to spend so much time trying to find the best exchangesthat increase profits all around. For thecryptocurrency trading ecosystem as a whole, Mercatus may be one of the bestthings happening to this digital age. Several of the Mercatus’s most notablebenefits for this ecosystem include, but not limited to, the additionalpossibilities for investments; inflow of assets on the market from newinvestors; increased number and volume of transactions on cryptocurrencyexchanges; increase in traders’ income and their quantity; and improvement oftrust management reputation on cryptocurrency market.

 On top ofthat, the requirements for entering a crytocurrency trading are rather lenient.All an investor has to do is to select his or her preferred trader and transferassets to them.  ICO CampaignNot a lot of people understand this butcrypto projects such as Mercatus—a trust management platform for digitalassets, have to be developed through ICO. Crowds of ICO are precious investorsand future users of Mercatus and of the cryptocurrency—Mercatus Token—as well.  Mercatus pre-ICO sale will kick off onJanuary 20, 2018, with the soft cap set at US$300,000, and the hard cap at$500,000.

The Mercatus team is seeking to raise funds through an ICO to drawmassive audiences and capital to this game-changing platform, and to build anexcellent track record with public engagement that stands out.  

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