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How can a fast radio burst be uniqueapart from the fact that it is repetitive? Ashley Strickland, author of thisarticle published in CNN, talks about the different hypothesis and possiblephysical origins of these persisting fast radio burst that last only onemillisecond.  Fast radio bursts arenothing but common, therefore, FRB 121102 is the only known repeating radioburst that was first detected in 2012. Astronomers and scientists couldn’t findan explanation for the

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According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, nearly 20% of Americans have impaired hearing. Hearing loss is a major public health issue that affects cognition, physical health, self-esteem, family relationships and more.The staff at Audiology & Hearing Aid Solutions understands the impact impaired hearing can have on your whole life, so we offer personalized hearing solutions to our patients in the Northern New Jersey area, including Clifton, Paramus, Mahwah,

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Many parents have the best intentions when raising a child. More often than not, parental involvement is seen as beneficial for child outcomes. However, research suggests that intense and intrusive styles of parenting are detrimental to said outcomes. There is a reason for the mental health predicament that psychologists are seeing on college campuses – where successful students are miserable because they cannot cope with normal life challenges. There is a

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Subject: The French Revolution of 1830, Dimensions: 260cm x 325cm, Materials: Oil on Canvas, Artist: Eugene Delacroix, Location: Louvre Museum, Paris, Date of creation: 1830Liberty Leading the People, it’s one of the painting that had been drawn through the duration of the revolution of 1830 in Paris where the painter started working on it after witnessing the open warfare in the streets of Paris that followed protests of the restrictive

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ConsideringJasmine is a preschooler, this particular stage of her cognitive development isimportant because this is the time when children begin to detail stories,identify basic items such as shapes and colors, improve conversational skillsand become more social just to name a few. Keith’s advice to Jasmine’s parentsin regards to her cognitive development will depend on his personal beliefs andwhich theorist he agrees with the most. If Keith is more opt to

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Sensitivity oftopographical N170 to allocentric and egocentric reference frames: evidencefrom allocentric system violation studyIntroductionDespitethe current trends in neuroscience of focusing on the navigational aspect ofthe cognition, especially after recent discovery of grid cells in the parahippocampal region (Moser, Kropff, and Moser, 2008), processing of thetopographical information in the brain is not well studied in the field ofevent-related potentials (ERP) research, unlike processing of fairly wellstudied auditory, visual and other modalities. Recently

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It can be said that there isa consensus in scientific knowledge that ocean acidification already havinghigh impacts on many ocean species and ecosystems.1 Manymarine photosynthetic organisms and animals, such as molluscs, corals,echinoderms, foraminifera and calcareous algae, make shells and plates out ofcalcium carbonate.2 It could happened when the seawater contains asufficient concentration of calcium carbonate. Increased concentrations of CO2 will increase acidity which impedes the process ofcalcification. Calcifying organisms will

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Introduction     Malocclusion is defined as the condition when the dental arches aremal-related to each other or there is irregularity in teeth positions beyondthe normal limits (Walther et al., 1994), it is mostly a developmentalcondition rather than pathological (Meer et al., 2016) and according toWHO, dental malocclusion comes in the third place after dental caries andperiodontal disease as the most prevalent oral pathosis (WHO, 1962).     There aremany suggested etiological factors of

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How does it work?Nuclear energy stored in the nucleus of uranium is released during nuclear fission. In order to produce enough energy at once, a chain reaction is set up so the neutrons produced in previous fission reaction can set off more reactions. Once the particles start moving, nuclear energy becomes kinetic energy. The kinetic energy then heats up the water around it, turns into thermal energy. The steam produced

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This book adds a sense of truth to what happens when we die. It provides us with behind the scene information to help us learn and accept what we will become. In Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, Mary Roach uses a humorous writing style with a curious tone in order to illustrate the medical perspective of life after death. In the first chapter, the author is observing medical

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