The Labryinth of Horror

One of America’s First Serial Killers Dr. Henry Howard Holmes Childhood Henry practiced surgery on animals as young child and may be responsible in one of his friends death Start of the Murder Castle In 1886 Holmes moved to Chicago, Illinois. He found work in a pharmacy and the owner went missing mysteriously. The Result Homes had the building constructed into three stories of an ‘elaborate house of horrors’ What

How far do you agree with this assessment?

In the summer of 2000 Big Brother fever swept the country. This ‘Reality TV’ show was first aired and created in Holland and has conquered the globe. Produced by Bazal TV for Channel 4 it reached huge audiences and broke the record for the largest TV phone vote in British History; thousands of people voted every week to evict one member of the house. Every Friday at 11:00 p. m.

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 “AGrain of Wheat”V.S “CrackingIndia”We have been studying the effects of Colonializationby the British rule amongst different cultures across the globe. To begin, westarted off looking at documentaries of real life events at the same time read novelsrelated to the events. In order to gain a deeper understanding we underwent a closereading analysis, told by highly admired authors. The objective is to becomeaware of the tragedies and artistries that bring these

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“The Farming ofBones” is Edwidge Danticat’s novel about Amabelle Desir, a Haitian migrant inthe Dominican Republic during the 1937 Haitian massacre. It is extremelyheartbreaking and beautiful. More than anything, it’s an exploration of grief,of how loss can define the concept of people’s lives. It is also aninvestigation of the idea of borders, of how a particular river can divide one country from another, and theliving from the dead. Amabelle is familiar

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I originally chose psychology at A Level, as psychology has had a major impact on my family, although I have always been intrigued by human behaviour and the mind, I wanted to gain insight on how mental disorders worked, how they were treated and psychopathology particularly. I have personally witnessed the effects psychological treatment can have on improving a person’s quality of life. This pushed me to choose the course,

Nichols, How can we describe the observational, participatory,

 Nichols, B., (2017) Introduction to Documentary, Chapter 7, How can wedescribe the observational, participatory, and performative modes ofdocumentary film? Issue 3, 132 – 158Bill Nichols classifies documentary into six modes -observational, expository, poetic, participatory, reflexive and performative.In this he looks more into each mode defining how they work and possibleproblems raised. Observational looks at the filmmaker as passive. Nicholsexpresses this as showing actuality but also has problems of ethical boundariesand

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A documentary typically recognized by considering its title, exposure, subject matter, word of mouth. This labeling leads the viewer to expect that the people, events, and places are showcased to viewers exist and that the data presented about them will be reliable. Documentaries mainly aim to present authentic data and information. However, just as in fiction films, documentaries can produce films in a variety of ways. In some cases, the

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