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to establish an autoimmune pathogenesis for PSGN.However, newer serologic and immunopathologic data now suggest the pathogenesis is more complicated and implicate primarily the alternative C pathway (AP) in these diseases. This supports considering many cases of PSGN as one part of a sp??trum of that includes some C3-dominant IRGNs and the r??ently r??ognized “C3 nephropathies” rather than as a traditional BSA-like immune complex (IC) disease. Thus we now r??ognize a

Unstructured data is data that can’t be included

Unstructureddata is data that can’t be included into a database that has already beencreated. It uses human language, which means that you can write anything youwant. As it contains human language, it is expensive to analyse, because aperson will be needed to analyse it. For example, unstructured data can beemails, presentations, blogs, photos and audio files. Unstructured data canhave images, videos and images. “Unstructured data is usually not stored in

Earth they noticed that the youngest rock was

Earth is rocky. It’s the one of the largest rocky planet orbiting around the sun. Earth is constantly changing and causing natural events such as earthquake and volcanoes. By studying the structure of the earth’s crust and mantle geologist came up with a theory of plate tectonic. The theory of plate tectonic is the lithosphere of the earth is divided into a small number of plates which float on and

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During the Cold War, the United States engaged in many assertive policies both in America and out of the country, in pursuance to fight communism and the spread of communist ideologies. Encountering a new challenges and global responsibilities the US needed to conserve what it had fought for in WWII. We needed to contain communist ideas coming from the Soviet Union, without provoking World War III.The United States successfully utilized

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Have you ever had any dramatic trauma in your life? Many people go through a stage at one point in their life and life then seems pointless. As people, we sometimes consider isolation to be a better option instead of human interaction because of being overwhelmed emotionally. For a number of people, comfort comes when they are distant from everyone else and are leaders of their own feelings. Meet Holden

Introduction operating systems which executes shell commands or

Introduction to CronCron is program in UNIXoperating systems which executes shell commands or scripts at fixedtime, dates or intervals. This software is very useful for executingrepetitive tasks like taking backups, downloading files from theInternet, etc. Cron originated from Greek word Chronos which meanstime. Cron expressionsCron is a daemon(crond) which comes installed with the OS. It lies idleuntil it is called in one of the config files called crontabs. Thesecrontabs contains

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1.)  Descartes’ criterion for truth in the Meditations aims to unambiguously establish that which is perceived clearly and truly to be real.  The criterion of truth states that all information, and therefore knowledge, is received through the mind by chains of logical inferences derived from irrefutable premises.  Secondly, something is true and real if and only if it is in proper relation to other beliefs by appeal to deductive reasoning.

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Kevin CourtneyLiterature P. 512/7/2017COMPARATIVE ESSAY ROUGH DRAFT Ishmael Beah and Chinua Achebe use literary techniques to illuminate a world that grips the reader. Both these books are set in Africa, but in very different areas and time periods. These similarities and shared motifs exist despite disparities in setting, plot and other contextual elements. In “Things Fall Apart” Achebe explores themes such as community and the way cultural differences affect one’s

Monoclonal cell replicates and makes more dysfunctional cells

            Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance was aterm introduced over three decades ago. Monoclonal gammopathies reflect conditions in which abnormal amounts ofimmunoglobulins are produced by a clone that developed from a single pro-B germcell and may be part of a disease process or benign (Attaelmannan &Levinson, 2000).  The cause of MGUS isstill unknown.  MGUS was beforeconsidered a benign monoclonal gammopathy but it was then recognized that

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Both of them had to go through strict training to havesuccessful. After receiving a decision to become an astronaut in January 1978,Sally began a one-year training and assessment phase. She underwent intensetraining with parachuting exercises, water training, and gravity environments,radio communications. The hard training ended the month on August 8, 1979.After the course, she qualified to be an expert in the space shuttle crew. InFebruary 1962, Tereshkova was selected to

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