Modern Poetry and Modern Drama Summary

Robert Frost Poet laeureate of this century whose writings have pastoral, metaphysical and colloquial quality “The Road Not Taken” Poem by Robert Frost in which he teaches a spiritual lesson and uses common language to express some “truth” in poetry form “Fire and Ice” Poem by Robert Frost comparing fire and ice “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening” Poem by Robert Frost in which there is a conflict:call

Poetry Techniques – Definitions

Alliteration “Doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before”-Poe Assonance “Hear the mellow wedding bells,/Golden bells”- Poe Consonance “A Quietness distilled/As Twilight long begun”- Dickinson Symbol “on a day we meet to walk the lineAnd set the wall between us once again. We keep the wall between us as we go.. . ‘Goodfences make good neighbors’”-Frost Imagery “Stars shining bright above you/… Birds singing in the sycamore trees”-Schwandt

Poems by Robert Frost

Robert Frost lifetime 1874-1963 The Pasture Spring = metaphor for new beginningsromantic, formal, iambic pentametertheme = to comfort a child –> assure the child that bad times will pas and good times will bloom againopening to his collection of poems –> like the gate opening into a pasture Mending Wall blank versea stone wall separates the speaker’s property from his neighbors –> in spring, the two meet to walk the

Robert Frost Poems

man who wanders at night to find himself Acquainted with the Night; Robert Frost compares a winter landscape to feeling of loneliness Desert Places; Robert Frost questions the nature of creation and life Design; Robert Frost debate between these who believe the world ends in fire, and those in ice Fire and Ice; Robert Frost describes the changing seasons Nothing Gold Can Stay; Robert Frost every choice in life is

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The keep her sister safe. The fourth stage

The first stage of the hero’s journey is the Ordinary World. The Ordinary World in the Hunger Games is set in district 12, which is where Katniss lives. District 12 is the poorest of all twelve districts, with electric fences surrounding the woods that civilians are not allowed to go. However, Katniss regularly sneaks out to go hunting in the woods. The second stage of the hero’s journey is the

Common Symbols in Literature

Open Windows Release, freedom, not restrained Rain/Water Renewal, change, cleansing Blue Sky/Sunrises Promise of good times, hope, happiness, positivity Storms Conflict Gates/Fences/Bridges Crossing over, entering a new place, huge change Rose Love, beauty Spring Growth, birth, renewal Summer Good times, happy, positive, life Fall Before death, adult years, harvest, coming to an end Winter Death, end Closed/Locked Doors Secrecy, rejection, restraint, repression, suppression Birds Freedom, liberation Buzzards/Vultures/Flies/Worms Death, decay Red

Risk Assignment for Reading Festival

Reading Festival, sponsored by Carling the brewer, is a three days long alternative music festival, every year on the last weekend of August. It is based in a huge camp site in the town Reading, which is west to London. Campsite safety is extremely important for the audience to enjoy the weekend, hence support the event again the year after.There has been over 500 crimes reported last year, and one

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