Congress as the ‘broken branch’ is a fair assessment

Congress often comes under fire for being ineffective, andhas even been labelled as the ‘broken branch’ of the U.S government. Congress consistsof the House of Representatives and the Senate, and together they form thelegislative branch. It can be argued that Congress is not fulfilling the dutiesassigned to them by the Constitution. The duties assigned to them in the constitutionare that of oversight, legislation and representation. Referring to Congress asthe ‘broken

An Inspector Calls: How Does Priestly Use the Character of Sheila to Deliver His Message to the Audience

Saimah Anwar “An Inspector Calls” How does Priestley use the character of Sheila Birling to deliver his message to the audience? J. B Priestley wrote this play in 1945 a period after two appalling world wars- The Holocaust and the Atom Bomb. He set his play in 1912 when class and gender were what ruled society- along with money of course.Through his play Priestley encourages people to seize the opportunity

To what purpose, and in what ways, does J B Priestly present the effect of the inspector’s visit on Sheila Birling

An inspector calls was written in 1945 and was set the week the titanic sunk in 1912. It was written by J.B Priestly, J.B Priestly was born in 1894. He wrote the play in 1945 and set it in 1912 because he wanted people to see what life was like when class divisions all looked down on each other and politics was a big role in society.Edwardian Britain in 1912

The Titanic

I was on the most beautifully crafted ship in the world. Just standing there, gazing up at the four enormous funnels. Wow, I thought to myself, how lucky I am to be a part of the crew. I’m actually in a sequence that holds this giant together. I gazed down at my watch, which was given to me as a part of this maiden voyage. This watch had ‘Titanic’ in

What is the inspector’s function

The inspector is an inspector of morals, and his speech justifies that. What the inspector means by this is we do not do things by ourselves; other people are always involved. We are all one community and we have to work together. Just as in a human body, everything has to work together. We have to work together, co-operate to get through life, care for each other because we are

Character Study of Mr Birling

Mr Birling is a prosperous factory owner, not the social equal of his wife. He is “a self made man.” His first priority is to make money “its my duty to keep labour costs down.”Mr. Birling is welcoming Gerald Croft into his family and he represents a business link between his firm and that of Gerald Croft’s father, who is a rival business man. Mr. Birling is trying to make

And the Band Played on: a Reference to the Titanic

The title of the movie is And the Band Played On because it’s a reference to the Titanic. In the movie, Titanic, the band kept playing while the ship was sinking. In the movie, And the Band Played On everyone kept their daily activities going although the new disease was going around and killing several people. Don Francis is an epidemiologist who worked on the Ebola outbreak in Africa in

An Inspector calls John Boyton Priestley

John Boyton Priestley was born in Bradford, Yorkshire on 13th September 1894. “An Inspector calls” was heavily influenced by J. B. Priestleys own opinions and experiences. J. B. Priestley had experienced active front line service and had also narrowly escaped being killed on more than one occasion. The play opens, the Birlings, the focus and core of the whole play are situated in a fairly large suburban house, this already

I Survived the Titanic

Have you ever wished that you could just leave everything and live the luxurious life? This is the story of my would-be life; the future life which came to an abrupt halt by a cataclysmic crash. The life which I wanted so badly; thrown to ash in the blink of an eye…It was 10 April 1912, 2.30pm and I just managed to ease my way onto the harbour, through a

Prentice Hall Literature Gold Odyssey Part One

plundered (v.) Took goods by force; looted squall (n.) brief, violent storm dispatched (v.) finished quickly mammoth (adj.) enormous titanic (adj.) Of great size or strength assuage (v.) Calm; pacify bereft (adj.) deprived ardor (n.) passion; enthusiasm insidious (adj.) characterized by craftiness and betrayal

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