The Shoe Take

It was another average day for me-sally. Get up, get dressed. All that before school preparation and then school. Math’s first with Mr.. Richards, then science with Mrs. . Smith then recess: my favorite part of the day. I headed to the usual “NERD” kids club meeting. I only go because my friend (well ex-friend) signed me up, saying I wanted to do It without my permission. The worst thing

Air Pollution in Hk

As everyone knows the number of people in Hong Kong suffering from allergic rhinitis and asthma has increased continuously among the past 20 years. It’s because those people, especially elderly and children constantly breathe in the air pollutants and cause their respiratory system being weakened. For elderly, plenty of them because of those diseases they choose to stay at home and this cause they feel lonely and depressed. As the

Tennis Study Guide BSSHS

Score is even after at least 3 points deuce Server scroes the point after duece ad-in receiver scores the point after the deuce ad-out grip most commonly used eastern six games equals a set where the form of tennis we play originated france a perfect serve that cannot be returned ace wherever a point needs to be replayed let a short stroke taken before the ball hits the ground volley

Social Learning theory

Egg heads- this activity was carried out well by the children, they concentrated well especially when decorating the eggshells, they were also very careful not to break them (a few breakages occurred which predict would happen), however I do not think that the children fully understood the explanation at the start of the activity. They listened and watched well when I was using the pictures of the hen and chick

Understanding of science

For this activity I had to prepare the resources and equipment before hand. I collected all the equipment needed (5 board games, a book “wassaword” and a box of wires, batteries and bulbs. ) form the store cupboard. I went to library and took 6 or 7 non-fiction books. I collect the pencils from their pot on the side and paper from the draw by the window. I placed on

Tennis and some other sports

In a week I usually do five days worth of exercise and activities out of school. However in school we also do sports and activities in our PE lessons. We do hockey, netball, swimming, rounders, gym, football, le Crosse, athletics, tennis and some other sports. These PE lessons are completed in one hour which means that our activity is not very intense although in some sports like football or le

Compare and estimate numbers

‘Number rhymes and action songs help children to become familiar with the number names. ‘ (Hopkins 1996) Rhymes can be used to link written numbers and can be adapted to provide extra challenges. Provision activities are available for children to experience free-play problem solving, investigating numbers, shapes, materials or books. The mathematic focus during phase two has been the teaching of number. ‘The primary number curriculum can be seen as

Enjoy being physically active

Around age 7, most children are able to: remember and repeat skills, performing them with control and co-ordination choose the right skills for what they are doing so that they can: use tactics in simple games to score points against an opponent make up and perform short gymnastic sequences that join actions together move in time to a beat, showing their ideas and feelings in short dances pick out and copy actions, describing what they

Brainstorming & Chosen ideas

The two ideas that I have chosen which I think will be successful and perform the best are the hotdog stand which I discussed in the Brainstorming section, and the video game arcade which I have listed in the table above. I believe that the hotdog stand will e a successful business as there is no where that specializes in just hotdogs, different types with choice of bread and toppings.I

Type of activity

Repeat for the full length of the ladder. This should be done 10 times. Day 3: Flexibility allows badminton players to move around the court with agility and finesse and helps in reaching more shots. Using these stretching exercises you can increae your range of motion. Place one arm straight across chest. place hand on elbow and pull arm towards chest and hold. Repeat with other arm. Triceps stretch: Place one hand behind

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