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The article talks about languages and the importance of them. The author elaborates on preserving languages and how it affects society’s growth. There are two sides of the argument, one suggesting that languages matter in the historical context, affects human behaviour and why languages are fading away. And the other, Scientists and Philosophers who firmly believe that language preservation are obstacles on society and one language would be ideal. Three

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I have always been intrigued by the sheer number of people in this world who smoke. Nasty chemicals and smoke going into your body does not sound pleasant. My grandma used to smoke for over 40 years, thinking it was okay. She got addicted. Eventually, she started having breathing and back problems.  I persuaded her to quit, that she will get so much healthier. Three years ago in December my

English palm cards

– But love is just a game. – Doesn’t this sentence just perfectly sum up modern love? – Maybe when I say phrase ‘modern day love’ your mind flicks to the love games we play through social media such as the recent tinder scandals. – Or maybe you think love games we see movies 50 shades – Modern day love leads me to thinking of short love stories Brittany Spears’

Epic Characteristics, Conventions, and Epic Heroes

epic a long narrative poem that recounts the actions, travels, adventures, and heroic episodes of a hero in a high, formal writing style with a serious, somber tone; an epic also reflects the ideals and values of the culture, nation, or society that produced it. Classical epic poetry of the Greeks and Romans (“classical” means Greek and Roman—The Illiad, The Odyssey, The Aeneid). epic chacracteristics Main character or protagonist is

The Labyrinth

Throughout time many books of literature and movies have had some kind of hero; each having a different definition of what they believe a hero to be. A hero can be someone who risks his or her own life to save someone else or could be a good role model. In every story the hero is characterized by basic traits which include: (1) being summoned; (2) is met with danger,

How the theme from the movie Jaws struck fear into people that watched it

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: How the theme from the movie Jaws struck fear into people that watched it Jaws is a movie that is based on a book of a similar title. Its genre is horror and thriller and it was produced in 1975. The movie follows the happenings of a small town located near the Atlantic. The town relies on tourism as its major source of income. There are

The Gospel of Matthew

The Gospel of Matthew Name: Course: Lecturer: Institution: Date: The Gospel of Matthew The movie according to the gospel of Matthew is about the life of Jesus Christ. The story is narrated in a very simple and natural way. It is the story of a simple and a humble man of the people, who is seen holding campaigns concerning spiritual salvation in an extremely rough surrounding with a population that

The Fighter

Name: Instructor: Class: Date: The Fighter The Fighter is a movie featuring Oscar Award winner Christian Bale known as Dickey in the movie and his half brother known as Mickey Ward whose real name is Mark Wahlberg. The movie is based on a true story about a boxer who had suffered several constant defeats in the ring. It revolves around Mickey who has suffered disillusionment because of his constant losses.

Casablanca – Dis-Illusioning

1. THESIS OF YOUR “MINI” DIS-ILLUSIONING OF THIS FILM The classic and award winning movie “Casablanca” has become favorite move to many generations all around the world. And although it shows some great acting and wonderful directing viewers have to be aware of the obvious as well as hidden messages of this classis. The movie glorifies Myth # 3, suggesting that your true soul mate should know what you are

Division and Classification Essay Smaples

Lecture 8 Division and Classification Model One: Mall People Just what goes into “having fun”? For many people, “fun” involves getting out of the house, seeing other people, having something interesting to look at, and enjoying a choice of activities, all at a reasonable price. Going out to dinner or to the movies may satisfy some of those desires, but often not all. But an attractive alternative does exist in

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