Today always interesting to discuss among fellow guitarists,

Today @AllAboutArts will sharing a some tips for beginner guitarist in choosing overdrive pedal effect. Overdrive pedal is probably one of the most used effect pedals, but it is always interesting to discuss among fellow guitarists, because almost never found a guitarist who does not use this pedal. If there is a guitarist who uses a modeler amp or multi-effect, Overdrive pedal features almost always exist in their sound settings.gambarImage

Introduction also takes you back to old memories

IntroductionLove is nota crime. It is true that the love for someone changes the meaning of your life.A self-confidence will ignite in itself. Lovegives your life a new energy. However, by being deceived by someone inlove, a person is so discouraged that it is difficult to handle himself orherself.Today, many peopleare attracted to others by saying two or three words of praise at an early ageand this momentary attraction is

Poetry Is Awesome

Poem A form of literature that communicates thoughts stories or passions usually with rhythm of often rhyme Song A short poem set to music or to be sung Lyrics The words of a song Rhyme Two or more words that match in the same last sound Rhythm The beat or cadence of poetry Alliteration Two words in the same line with the same starting sound Cromatopoeia The attempt to spell

3rd Grade Poetry Vocabulary

Poetry A type of writing that uses creativity language, is written in lines, and often inculdes rhythm and rhyme Stanza A paragraph in poetry, separated by line spaces Meter The beat, or rhythm, of a poem using stressed and unstressed syllables Patterns of Verse Predictable lines or sections in poetry, like repetition Lyrical Poetry Poems expressing personal feelings and emotions, and often has meter; may not be set to music

Poetry – Rhythm and Rhyme Terms Test only

rhythm the basic rhythmic unit in a piece of music or poetry according to the combinations of stressed and unstressed sounds meter the ‘beat’ of a poem or song; a unit of stressed and unstressed sounds external or end rhyme Rhyme at the end of lines in a series of lines internal rhyme a rhyme between words in the same line near rhyme sounds are almost but not exactly alike

4th Grade Forms of Poetry

narrative poetry a poem that tells a story lyrical poetry short poems expressing personal feelings and emotions that may be set to music humorous poetry poetry that is written to entertain and amuse the reader free verse a form of poetry that does not have a fixed pattern, so the words can be put together however the poet wants

Poetry timeline

Colonial poetry 1650-1760, New England Puritan settlers were the first poets of the new American colonies. They focused on preserving morality, Puritan ideals, and biblical truths. Puritan poetry was literary expression of beliefs in traditional rhyme and meter Colonial poetry poet Anne Bradstreet- earliest known poet of the British colonies-1612-1672. She wrote tender tributes to her husband and family life and was highly educated. The age of reason post colonial

Other Modern Age Literature: Harlem Renaissance-Langston Hughes

The poetry of Langston Hughes captures the ______ of jazz and blues. rhythm Hughe’s _____ encouraged him to write poetry. mother Hughes traveled the world for a year as a _________ merchant seamen In addition to his poems, Hughes published plays, film scripts, fiction, and autobiographies. True Jesse B. Semple became a black folk ____ hero Hughes established black theaters in Chicago and _____ L.A. Hughes _______ other black writers.

Music Exam 3 Romantic period

Nationalism inclusion of folk songs, dances, legends, and other national material in a composition to associate it with the composers homeland; characteristic of romantic music. Exoticism Use of Melodies, rhythms, or instruments that suggest foreign lands; common in romantic music Program Explanatory comments specifying the story, scene, or idea associated with program music. Chromatic harmony Use of chords containing tones not found in the prevailing major or minor scale but

Grade 7 Poetry Terms

alliteration the repetition of similar initial (beginning) consonant sounds in order to create a musical or rhythmic effect, to emphasize key words, or to imitate sounds concrete poem a poem that takes the shape of the object it describes figure of speech where a word or words are used to create an effect and are not the literal meaning free verse a poem that does not use consistent meter patterns,

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