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The Handmaid’s Tale introduced me to a world of unknown words and, uncharted nameless questions that rushed me to believe this novel lets us follow Offred through her daily life, but sometimes she begins to slip away and we see things from her past;  flashbacks, though it seems. Those “flashbacks” are the most confusing part, especially when they occur because the perspective takes a hard left, right into past tense

Novels set where the Christian theocracy overthrows the U.S.

Novels like The Giver, 1984, and even more recent publications such as The Hunger Games, released in 2008. The Handmaid’s Tale by Margret Atwood would stereotypical follow into this category; however, something sets it far matter from it. The novel was written in 1985. It tells of a world set where the Christian theocracy overthrows the U.S. government. Post war, few women are capable to become pregnant. Thus, woman that

Throughout face is red: the color of blood, which

Throughout history individuals inpower, have attempted to manipulate society by the use of a corrupt politicalsystem, which seizes control of the citizens. Margret Atwood’s the Handmaid’sTale and William Shakespeare’s the Tempest, exemplified a dystopian societywhere the government creates a corrupt social system that marginalizedindividuals by class, oppressed women by male hierarchy and uses cult likeorganizations for political gain. Classism isdefined as holding prejudice or bias towards people in a particular socialclass.

Thesis: viable, fertile eggs that can grow into

Thesis: In Margaret Atwood’s work, “The Handmaid’s Tale”, the symbols embody the suppression, and authority of Gilead’s as a theocratic system. Activity:The purpose of this activity primarily was to let me know what you guys thought the symbols were before I gave my handout out to give away the answer. However this activity replicates the influences, and power of the Gilead regime; theocratic system. Some of you acted as true

1. America*why were the conditions from #2 dangerous-what

1. What is Environmental Degradation?? decline of the environment through consumption resources like water and air. ? major threat? can occur due to factors such as…growth of populationeconomic growthincrease in energy consumption 2. Environmental Degradation in the 1980s in North America*describe what conditions were like, what factors were coming into play that caused environmental degradation in the 1980s? 3. Causes and Effects? causes of environmental degradation can include:Disturbance of Land

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