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Percy Shelley- A Defense of Poetry

What is the name of this poem? A Defense of Poetry Who wrote this poem Percy Shelley what was the age in which Shelley was writing know for? the age of science-he wrote this because science is so popular, there is no room for poetry. -he said bc of science there is a greater need for poetry What does poetry do that makes is so necessary in the age of

The Childhood of Jesus

A lot of Jesus’ childhood is unrecorded and unknown, but many people have their beliefs of what it was like. It may have been full of hardships or full of joy no one really knows. No one really knows who he befriended over his years as a child. Did kids back then like him? I believe it was filled with many joyful times, but also filled with hardships. I think

Playstation 3: Progress and Development

Name: Lecturer: Course: Date: Playstation 3: Progress and Development With its official abbreviation as PS3, the Playstation 3 is a home video game console developed by the Sony Computer Entertainment company, the third of its version, succeeding previous version of Playstation 2 and 1. The Playstation 3 serious has gone on to present serious competition to rival gaming production such as Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360. These models are


Introduction Computers have been created by man and the general opinion is that they can never be equal, leave alone superior to man. Computers come in various forms, for example, the ordinary desktops we use, computer games, robots and computerized weapons of mass destruction such as bombs and missiles. I hold the opinion that it is possible for computers to experience emotions such as anger. The fact that they cannot

Personal & community Health wellness project

Name: Course: Lecturer: Date: Personal & Community Health Wellness Project Introduction Physical fitness is one of the best wellness programs of preventing diseases and especially those that are heart related. Fitness programs meant to increase physical activity reduce the changes of heart related diseases by a huge margin (Biddle and Mutrie 200). Additionally, a physical fitness program is ideal for dealing with stressing moods and improving general appearance. Most noteworthy

Obesity in the United States

Obesity in the United States Introduction Obesity has become one of the major health problems in America today. People seem to be taking in more food with energy yet they are not finding ways to dispense this energy. Obesity has become the leading cause of death because it also contributes to many health problems. In adults, the body mass index (BMI) is used to determine how overweight the person is.

Video article by the Psychological Science, they conducted

Video games have become a large part of technology over the past several years, but is that necessarily a good thing? While many think that video games do not contribute to youth violence, I for one think they do. Firstly, studies have shown that simulating violent behavior such as hand-to-hand conflict in games has contributed to real-life reenactments of violence.  Also, video games has been proven to desensitize or lower

Adolescents in the room may interfere with adolescent’s

Adolescents are commonly active online and engaging with technology in the evening (Reynolds, et al., 2015). Technology plays a significant role in children and adolescents’ daily lives even until the moment they go to bed. Many of them sleep with their phones by their sides, play video games before bed, watch tv before bed and it has even been argued just technology being there in the room may interfere with adolescent’s sleep.

The can sometimes be produced through playing computer

                  Thecreators of computer games aim to provide innovation in this cutting-edgeculture. Because of the constant exposure to video games, children are becomingmore focused and innovate. Nowadays, the popularity of computer games hascaused an expansion in disagreement. Guardians and specialists feel that a manycomputer games are excessively vicious and they request the governing body tocontrol the sales of these games. Many people

Summary: American Jerk

Summary of ‘American Jerk’ by Todd Schwartz The literature known as “American Jerk” written by Todd Schwartz from Oregon Humanities is considered in my opinion a controversial essay. I contemplate Todd Schwartz to having a dead-eye when stating his outlook on our very way of life. No line goes uncrossed when it comes to Mr. Schwartz 2009 written piece, explaining much about our national controversies’ such as politics, economic struggles,

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