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Entrepreneursare people who start their own business. There are many attributes to be a successfulentrepreneur. A few are, being determined, disciplined and confident.Entrepreneurship isn’t for everyone and there is a handful of reasons why manybusinesses fail after being open for a small amount of time. The entrepreneurswho succeed and come on top usually go through a lot to get to that point.

            Determination is the first step to being successful.Entrepreneurs are not discouraged by their setbacks. If a product isn’tselling, they will re-design the same product and market it to new companies. Theyfind backdoors to many of their problems (Hamilton, 2015). They are very reluctantto make everything work and they will try as long as they have to until theyget it right. Successful entrepreneurs deny agreeing that something can’t be done.

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They are determined to be successful in what they set out to accomplish. (Adams,2018) Disciplineis an important trait of a prosperous entrepreneur. One who has discipline canfocus on their goals and work hard towards what they wish to achieve. These peopleextract any hindrances in their way (Adams, 2018). They are able to create asolid business plan and analyze anything that needs to be edited. They havetheir resources in order, and have a set plan of when to enter the market.             Confidence is another attribute of a successfulentrepreneur.

For example, if a budding entrepreneur is seeking a loan from abank and are rejected, a confident person won’t give up on their idea. This isalso where determination mixes in and they become more determined to attain thefunds to start their business. They will go and pick up hours at a part timejob, try at other banks, or take loans from family members if they must. Theyare confident that they will make their business succeed at any cost.

            All in all, to be an entrepreneur, one just needs to becourageous and organized; but to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to bemuch more. Once you have risked your initial investment, which in most casescomes from an entrepreneur’s own pockets, you must be determined to run yourbusiness and make it succeed under any circumstance.

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