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Last updated: November 2, 2020

The development of science, technology and medicine has brought many advantages as well as problems within it. We have managed to extend the human life and we have inner need for developing and always reaching further. These are naturally good qualities to have, but it is causing big troubles as well. It might be, that we are too good with what we are doing since the population of the planet has exploded. Now our burden has become too heavy for this planet and it has started to decline.Goldstein and Pushover are scanning the modern world problems in their book International Relations” in chapter 11, “Environment and Population”.

Global warming, pollution, population growth and at the same time diseases killing millions Of peoples like AIDS are all global concerns and affects all Of us. But in addition of these there are different kind of problems caused by the goods what planet earth is handing us. Even it is an absurd thought that we own something what is growing in the ground the state system has lead us to the situation where some countries have the bigger piece from natural resources.We have become addicted with the comfort of modern life which requires oil, as and such, so it has brought us in a situation where nature has been priced.

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Unfortunately, now we have landed in the point where money is not enough. The problems are just starting to appear now when we really are running out of these goods. This is the moment when globalization is stepping back and international relations become important. Hard times are always the time to see the real nature of human being. The beautiful idea about everybody being children of the same mother, planet earth, is forgotten when our comfort is threatened.States are doing business with elective goods and the relations between countries are pretty much defining the direction how this business is managed and in the extreme case, the direction of the wars which are taking place in the name of oil for example. Sadly this complicated and our self-inflicted situation is not only affecting on us who are really benefiting and overdriving the goods of nature.

The pollution of ocean’s and sweet waters is at risk of destroying the whole underwater living organisms including fishes.The loss of rain forests is not only weakening the quality of oxygen what we are breathing, but it is estrogen rare and valuable organisms. Millions of animals are dying and the plants with all the medical capacity in these are disappearing. We are doing a real disservice to ourselves when destroying the nature and in my opinion this is where we should put all our attention and capacity. This is the time when the leaders and politicians of the states really need to collaborate and put previous issues aside, just to come up with agreement how to save the planet.

It is our only one and after we have delayed it too long, there is no going back.

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