Factors recorded by both means of transects and

Factors affecting plant species diversity and distribution of native andnonnative species along the Wa’ahila Ridge Trail (Oahu, Hawaii) wereinvestigated in ten different elevational plots.  All plant species within each of the tenplots were recorded by both means of transects and quadrat sampling withestimates of their biomass and canopy cover. Plant species diversity was later calculated using Simpson’s indexA1 .The hypothesis that increased canopy cover would increase plant speciesdiversity was supported by the

In and protect the earth. Love is both

In Section V of Laudato Si, Pope Francis’ most important points are that we, asCatholics, have the responsibility to care for our earth and the people thatlive on it, and that love, both civic and political, is always present in theactions that better our world. Pope Francis says that it is our duty to loveand help our earth and one another, and society must no longer focus on socialissues but

If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer

I agree with this statement because if God really loved humanity He would never let us suffer as that would mean He didn’t like us. Christians believe that suffering is wrong and that it shouldn’t happen. The Bible states that man was designed to live in God’s perfect creation, enjoying a perfect relationship with Him. According to the Bible, it is not caused by God but from choices made by

Christian teachings, and the teaching of one other religion on wealth and poverty

Christians don’t mind wealth; they feel that it’s something which could be used for good or evil, depending on the person using it, and for what purpose. They font, in itself feel that wealth is a bad thing. They believe that money should only be made in lawful, moral ways. There is a quote from the bible which says ‘People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a

Why there is a need for world development

At the moment, in the world, there are many cases of poverty and debt. There are individual people who are relatively poor and in some cases in absolute poverty. There are also countries called LEDCs that can call themselves poor, (Less Economically Developed Countries). For example: Bangladesh or Mali. MEDC stands for More Economically Developed Country; these are countries that are developed and wealthy (Britain and Japan). There are still

Organizational foresight

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Organizational foresight Round one response According to the answers given by experts, it is possible to use sustainable options. Most of them are cheap to implement and reduce operation costs. It is recommended to use all methods of sustainability to preserve the environment. Although some are expensive, there is need to think how to use them. For example, the government should subsidize them. If these sustainable

The both natural and man-made and obtain their

The world’s climate is changing,and the changes will have an enormous impact in our forest ecosystem. Thelatter is known for its lichen cover whose important role in nature is a bioindicator of climate change.            Bukidnonis a mountainous province located in central Mindanao. The elevation rangesfrom 622 meters above sea level to 2941 meters above sea level. The wholeprovince is surrounded by mountain ranges that are associated with fertileplains, inner valley,

Prokaryotes times and it can adapt with environment

Prokaryotes havebeen known as a main living microorganism on our Earth which has survive duringancient time, having been present for perhaps around three-quarters of ourEarth olden times and it can adapt with environment in this earth. As a colony,they now displayed extremely assorted metabolic competences of them.(KaraRogers,18.01.2018)  .The diseasethat causes by bacteria are come from bad bacteria or known as pathogenic bacteria.STDrefers to any one ofvarious diseases that can be

Test Preparation: Campbell Biology

Chapter 31: Fungi Though fungal divisions have traditionally been based on modes of sexual reproduction, molecular considerations are becoming more important. Consequently, no emphasis has been placed on the vagaries of sexual and asexual reproduction among various fungi in this Test Bank. Instead, new questions assess students’ abilities to think logically about fungal morphology, genetics, and ecology.Two new sets of scenario questions deal with the biology of microsporidians and chytrids,

delhi metro risks

Metro considerably more expensive than the bus. Less ridership than estimated. High development cost Displaced many economic backward people. Difficulties in acquiring land A struggle on the part of those being displaced, and protests, petitions, hunger strikes, negotiations and legal action have all been initiated. Security threat. Risk of cost overruns and ridership shortfalls. Increase in cost of the parts. Risks faced in Delhi Metro Implementation: 1 . Risk of

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