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One of the first humans to surprisethe nation was Herman Webster Mudgett, more commonly known as H.H. Holmes. He wasa graduate of the Medical program from the University of Michigan. Holmes loved working with corpses and became very skillful in Chemistry and Anatomy. Sincehe was a successful individual who pursued a respected profession in society,now many people would suspect, nor accuse him of torture chamber hidden in ishis hotel that

Religious teachings on wealth and poverty

Christianity is a major world religion; it teaches Christians that wealth is something good or bad. The good way is if you earned it fairly and lawfully, it should be used wisely and carefully. The bad and evil way is if you spend it with the wrong actions and attitude, and Christians believe that it will make them go in the wrong path, separate them from God. In the bible,


Name: Instructor: Class: Date: History 1. What was the significance of the fire, which occurred on March 25, 1911 at the Triangle Shirtwaist Company in New York City? The fire occurred in the Asch building killing all the 146 immigrant workers working in a sweatshop was among the worst fire disasters since the beginning the industrial revolution. The sweatshops were highly prominent during the period. The immigrant workers were subjected

Rome fell was a direct result of the

Rome was the powerhouse that covered the whole Mediterranean basin and a lot of Western Europe. The Roman republic went on for a long time as a result of its geographical area, military strategies, government, and so on. Rome was the center of one of the world’s most prominent realms. In the wake of going on for a long time the Roman domain began to end up noticeably weaker and

Essay Early River Valley Civilizations

Essay Early River Valley Civilizations BY rkellY9331 Some of the earliest civilizations on Earth were the Early River Valley Civilizations. All of these civilizations existed between 3500 and 1500 BCE. Three of these civilizations, China, Sumer, and Egypt shared many characteristics. Among these common characteristics were the development of agriculture through irrigation, the importance of religion in society, and the form of government they shared. The first characteristic these civilizations

What is it? Bubonic Plague is commonly known

What is it?Bubonic Plague is commonly known as The Black Death. In the 1330s, a large number of naturaldisasters and plagues led towidespread famine, starting in1331, with a deadly plaguearriving soon after. It was an endemic that took many lives inEurope between the years of 1346 and 1353How did itspread?The causative agent for Black Death is Yersinia pestis. Bubonic Plague is spread among rodents and hasfleas as vector. Therefore it

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