Environmental Management

Soil Pollution

Soil is a natural body consisting of layers (soil horizons) of mineral constituents of variable thicknesses, which differ from the parent materials in their morphological, physical, chemical, and mineralogical characteristics. [l] Soil is composed of particles of broken rock that have been altered by chemical and environmental processes that include weathering and erosion. Soil differs from its parent rock due to interactions between the lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and the biosphere.

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A massivebloom of algae in Lake Erie has affected the drinking water of about 500,000residents in the Toledo, Ohio area.  Residentsare being instructed that their water is unsafe to drink or use forcooking.   The lake looks bright green dueto the abundant growth of microcystis, which contaminates the water with atoxin called microcystin. The maximum level of microcystin thought safe indrinking water is 1 part per billion (ppb), and the

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Ever since the coining of the wordsFinancial Inclusion, countries tried to move towards the goal of advancingfinancial literacy and ensuring reliability and accessibility of financialservices for their citizens. To understand where they stand ascompared to all other countries that pledged to recognize the importance offinancial inclusion, the 2015 Financial and Digital Inclusion Project Reportand Scorecard ranked 21 countries based on four aspects of financialinclusion: mobile capacity, regulatory environment, adoption of traditional anddigital

Results returning nutrients to the ground already underway,

Results demonstrate differentiation inlevels of nutrients in plant and faeces, with all except silicon being higherin faeces than plant samples. Nitrogen and carbonexist in both organic and inorganic forms, undergoing different transformationswithin the ecosystem. Results from independent t-test showed slight increase incarbon and nitrogen in faeces samples than plant samples, though noted nosignificant difference. This could be due to animals taking in more nutrientsthan they need, for example carbon, with

Briana Taylor-Artist Statement Ever since I was a little

BrianaTaylor-Artist Statement     Ever since I was a little girl I had afascination with bees. Their strength in numbers, their complete control oftheir hives, and production of honey were all amazing things to me. I oftenthought that when I retired, I would live out in the country as a Bee Keeper.Unfortunately, due to the rapid decline in bee populations since 2006, I fearthat my dream will never become a reality(Schipani).  However,

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Under physiological conditions the microbiota shows both: plasticity and high resilience. Upon short-term perturbations (e.g. temporal change in dietary-pattern) the microbial composition adapts to alterations in the intestinal milieu, though soon resembles a pre-disturbance state. 7 The microbial ecosystem can also be changed without pathologic consequences for the host and stabilize within a new “alternative state”.35 Animal studies showed that the microbiota is capable to adapt to exposomal factors including

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The foothill yellow-legged frog species also known as Rana boylii (scientific name), was found abundant in southern parts of California.  This species suddenly became extinct in the early 1970’s.  Many thought, the causes of the dramatic disappearance of the yellow-legged frog was because of habitat loss or radiation.  However, according to the article, one of the possible reasons behind this extinction could have been caused by a disease called Chytridiomycosis.According

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         A concise definition of  Semantic Medical Access under consideration,as well as scope of related literature being investigated. Although survey alsoevaluates methods and results of SMA.            Overviewof characteristics of Semantic Medical Access are narrow but grouped findingsrelating to SMA. ·     TheInternet of things for comprehensive survey paper says that use of semanticmedical access can share large amounts of medical data by using differentontologies. Medical semantics have received a wide attention by IOT

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Assignment: 5.06 Are YouProperly Equipped?      MisfitShineAverage Cost:$100 Functions: The Mitfitfitness wellness tracker has a sharp plan, is congruous with an assortment ofwearable embellishments, and endures four months on a singlebattery; it’s too waterproof and can be utilized forswimming. Benefits: Itlooks exceptionally tall tech and favor, its lightweightand is moreover water proof. Problems: Negligible plan doesn’t show nittygritty information on the gadget; as of now asit were works with iOS; needs to be held near to phonescreen to adjust; as of now has a closed app ecosystem.      WithingsPulse Average Cost: $100 Functions: TheWithings Pulse packs a pedometer, heart rate screen, and rest trackerinto a little small dark piece that syncs wirelesslywith Android gadgets and iPhones. It moreover underpins parcels of associated apps. Benefits: Itis exceptionally smooth and compact, all it’s data canbe sent to my IPhone through Bluetooth, it is exceptionally decent looking.Problems: Can’t perused screenin coordinate daylight; no Windows or Mac syncing; notwater-resistant.     FitbugOrb AverageCost: $50 Functions:For $50,

There are multiple causes for the growth of

There are multiple causes for the growth of Red Algae within the Arabian Gulf. One cause is the excess of nutrients, which causes a high concentration of nutrients in the ocean water. Particularly, ammonia, phosphorous and nitrate. Although Nitrogen and phosphorous are naturally found elements in our aquatic ecosystem, excess amounts can cause great danger towards marine life. Phosphorous and Nitrogen allow the growth of algae and other plants in

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