Environmental Protection

Christians teach that one of the main reasons for poverty and causes of hunger and disease is unfair trade

Large companies exploit people who cant find a better wage elsewhere. People like farmers are encouraged to grow whatever they can most cheaply and sell it worldwide. The big companies use third world citizens for cheap labour and pay them unfair wages. This helps the profits of the big companies but is bad news for the farmers. Farmers do not get a fair price for what they produce, which means

Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

The only difference is trial disasters reminds us by showing entire picture to us. Second, as the existence Of dark reminds us the value of light, the existence of death reminds us the value of life. Similarly, the existence of diseases reminds us the value of health. If God Almighty did not create death and diseases, mankind would not understand how valuable life and health are. Natural disasters are profoundly

Natural Disasters Paper

These people cannot be blamed for this horrific disaster they were caught up in. And in that day in age nobody was aware of the danger. For the people of Pompeii there was no way to lessen the consequences of their disaster because they had no knowledge of the possibility of the disaster itself. The Sumatra earthquake disaster was extremely devastating. It claimed 286,000 lives and caused irreversible damage to

Natural Disasters

These natural disasters bring people together to trying to pull together their society; making the people realize that they still need one another and are dependent on family and reined. All though most of these

Natural Disasters

Public remonstration, such as trains, and cars can become damaged and businesses can temporarily close, preventing many people with jobs from working. The government may spend a great deal Of money to reconstruct areas that were effected by natural disasters, and may deal with billions of dollars of economic losses. Effects on Mental Health ; The effects of a natural disaster can weigh a person into a lot of stress

If God really loved humanity we would never have to suffer

I agree with this statement because if God really loved humanity He would never let us suffer as that would mean He didn’t like us. Christians believe that suffering is wrong and that it shouldn’t happen. The Bible states that man was designed to live in God’s perfect creation, enjoying a perfect relationship with Him. According to the Bible, it is not caused by God but from choices made by

Christian teachings, and the teaching of one other religion on wealth and poverty

Christians don’t mind wealth; they feel that it’s something which could be used for good or evil, depending on the person using it, and for what purpose. They font, in itself feel that wealth is a bad thing. They believe that money should only be made in lawful, moral ways. There is a quote from the bible which says ‘People who want to get rich fall into temptation and a

Why there is a need for world development

At the moment, in the world, there are many cases of poverty and debt. There are individual people who are relatively poor and in some cases in absolute poverty. There are also countries called LEDCs that can call themselves poor, (Less Economically Developed Countries). For example: Bangladesh or Mali. MEDC stands for More Economically Developed Country; these are countries that are developed and wealthy (Britain and Japan). There are still

In to experiment numerous ways for example: Iran used

In the past decade, technology has improved massively which allowed us to explore out of Earth and around space. There are many benefits of space travel which helped us discover more things out of our world and within. Also the creation of satellites helped us rapidly communicate with others from different locations. The exploration of space has allowed us to enhance our technology. Iran became an orbital launch capable nation

The weather phenomenon and price of food.Conflict is a

The world is facing increasing demand for food with war, famine and natural disasters. Countries such as South Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, and northeast Nigeria are at risk of famine. According to the global report on the food crisis, there were reports of 108 million people around the world with crisis-level food insecurity, it is showing an increasing trend with an increase of 80 million people from the previous year. There

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