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In the 1900s life was very different they had so many things. but to see that we have advanced in technology. we went from using steal plows to tractors and we really don’t have to put in that much work anymore. Back then they had to pick cotton by hand and they had to separate the seeds from the cotton. Oil was find in towns and all over texas and they were called

Good Life

Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Good Life There are many interpretations of what a good life should be. An analysis of four characters from four books may give an insight into the different perspectives of what a good life is. Looking at the lives of Abdulrahman Zeitoun in “Zeitoun”, Bill Glegg in “Ninety Days”, Daniel Seulo in “The Man who Quit Money”, and All-American Poem by Mathew Dickman will serve this

Price Elasticity and Supply & Demand Appendix B

mb EventMarket affected by eventShift in supply, demand, or both. Explain your answer. Change in equilibrium Frozen orange crops in CaliforniaOrange juiceSupply (left)—Not as many available oranges to offer consumers. Price will increase and quantity will decrease. Hurricanes in the Gulf Coast TourismDemand (left) because not as many people are going to want to travel there due to the Threat of hurricanes and the damage from a hurricane will make

Synopsis of ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’

Synopsis of ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’ ‘Their Eyes Were Watching God’ is a female bildungsroman and it is a polyphonic novel of personal development in which the protagonist, Janie searches for an authentic identity, a quest for romance and in turn achieving self fulfillment and voice. Throughout the novel, Hurston highlights different themes through poetic dialect such as love, racism and gender inequality.The plot is structured into Janie’s four

Hurricane morning august 29th 2005 Hurricane Katrina hit

Hurricane KatrinaImagine a hurricane whirling towards you one moment then your home is destroyed, The next how would you feel if everything you love was destroyed. How it FormedHurricane Katrina formed and started as a tropical storm. But going on it got worse the level would rise & drop. The aftermath of this storm was devastating. FEMA called it the single most catastrophic disaster in U.S history. The casualties of

Storm surge

The storm will probably continue slowly northward and its effects will be felt as far as the lower portion of the middle Atlantic coast by Friday night. ” (Page 113)”My family pleaded with me to remain at home, said A. R. Wolfram, a Galveston shopkeeper, but I was determined to go to town. I tried to reassure them and promised that at the first signs of the storm’s approach, I

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