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Last updated: September 13, 2019

Equal pay, especially within the UnitedKingdom, between women and men is an exceedingly debated matter of significancewithin the workplace and society of today. EqualPay law stipulates a way of guaranteeing that men and women receive similar payand terms for doing like work.

If, as an employee, you are doubtful you arebeing paid equally of someone of the opposite sex who is doing ‘like work’,work rated as equivalent, or work of equal value then the legislation providesa remedy which will ensure that you are treated similarly. Within theEquality Act of 2010 (EA2010), established on the 1st October 2010,is Chapter 5, section 139A, which relates to ‘Equal Pay audits’. Thisregulation allows “provision requiring an employment tribunal to order therespondent to carry out an equal pay audit in any case where the tribunal findsthat there has been an equal pay breach.” (Government, 2010). A major role in thecommissioning of this Act came from a 1982 judgement by the European Court ofJustice that led the UK to amending the Equal Pay Act in 1983 to incorporatethe concept of equal value into UK Law.

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An equal pay violation is aninfringement of an equality clause, or a disobeying in relation to pay ofsection 39(2), 49(6) or 50(6), so far as toward gender discrimination. To put into plainer terms, the auditis designed to identify where action should be taken to avoid equal payviolations occurring or continuing. A common misconception with Equal Pay isthat the claims are about ‘fair pay’, when it is in fact about ensuring men andwomen are paid similarly for doing comparable work. However, to this day, aftera 47-year period since the introduction of the Sex Discrimination Act, how isit that women, who are equally as qualified, talented and capable of producinglike work, earn 14 percent less than men. Shamefully bringing the U.K. to havethe highest rate of which in the E.

U. Within the Gender Pay Gap Consultation, forwarded by the Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women and Equalities, The Rt Hon Nicky Morgan MP, issued on the 14th of July 2015, consults over what theGender Gap is as well as delivering cases and regulations that could beimplemented to cut this disrespectful treatment of women regarding equal pay. Weare also given detailed factors of which other European states have taken intoconsideration of how to tackle their own pay gaps.

For example, in Finland, theEquality Act asks those who are employing 30 or more people are to produce anequality plan that must be shared with their employees every other year.Including a pay survey, reporting the gender pay gap within job roles and paygrades within their companies.

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