Eras of American Literature

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Last updated: May 2, 2019
Puritans yrs.

Rationalists yrs.

Romanticism yrs.

Transcendentalism yrs.

Dark Romanticism yrs.


Realism/Naturalism yrs.

Modernism yrs.

Post-Modernism yrs.

Puritans events
Founding of first colonies

Rationalist events
Revolutionary War

Romanticism events
Ended with Civil War

Realism/Naturalism events
Civil War- WWI

Modernism events
Ended with WWII

Post Modernism event

Focused on religion, predestination, covenant of grace, american exceptionalism
Puritans themes

Self knowledge and self contol, individualism and self-control, reason and scientific observation, social contract, perfectability of man
Rationalists themes

Imagination over reason, emotion over fact, individuality, nature above all, quest of the individual to define himself
Romanticism themes

Individual is most important force in universe, highly valued nature, idea of an “over-soul”
Transcendentalism themes

Symbolic aspects of nature with human spirit, rejects optimism about human nature, deals with darker aspects of human nature
Dark Romanticism themes

Faithful representation of reality, regionalism, darwinism
Realism/Naturalism themes

Breakdown of cultural and social norms, alienation of the individual, valorization of the despairing individual
Modernism themes

Prosperity, rebellion, race, “loss of innocence”, identity, truth v. illusion
Post- Modernism themes

Sermons, diaries, personal narratives, slave narratives, instructive, plain style
Puritans characteristics

Political pamphlets, essays, travel writing, speeches, documents, instructive in values, highly ornate writing style
Rationalists characteristics

Short stories, novels, poetry,
Romanticism characteristics

Short stories detective and horror, use of super natural, characters with good and bad aspects, dark landscapes and depressed characters
Dark Romanticism characteristics

Poetry rejected conventioanl themes, forms, and subjects
Trancendentalism characteristics

Novels, short stories
Realism characteristics

Writing highly experimental; use of fragments, stream of consciousness, interior dialogue, open form, juxtaposition, classical allusions
Modernism characteristics

Lines of reality blurred, mixed fiction and non-fiction, no heros/ anti heros, detatched
Post- Modernism characteristics

William Bradford “Of Plymouth Plantation”, John Smith “A General History of Virginia”, John Winthrop “A Model of Christian Charity”
Puritan writing

Patrick Henry “Speech at Virginia Convention”, Thomas Paine “The American Crisis”
Rationalism writing

Henry W.

Longfellow “A Psalm of Life”

Romanticism writing

Ralph W. Emerson “Self Reliance”, Henry D. Thoreau Walden
Trancendentalist writing

Nathaniel Hawthorne “The Minister’s Black Veil”
Dark Romanticism writing

Kate Chopin “Story of an Hour”
Realism writing

Ernest Hemingway “In Another Country”, The Imagist Poets
Modernist writing

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