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EricDuenasProf.Alexandr ToljEnglish10112/13/17 Movement             Inan intelligent change to his campaign where he constantly repeated, “he alonecan fix the issues faced by the American people”, republican nominee DonaldTrump took on a much more kind approach where he called on all the voters tocome together rather than attempt to split apart all of us to try “MakeAmerican Great Again.”  In hispolitical ad named, “Movement”, the positive ad attempts to counter act HilaryClinton’s claim that trump has a “go-it-alone” mentality.

(“I Alone Can Fix It”Yoni Appelbaum –  Inthis rhetorical analysis, I will dispute the “Movement” ad is showcasingTrump’s effectiveness as a leader who can bring Americans from all walks oflife together to rebuild the country, make new job opportunities and ultimatelyreinstate the freedom and American Pride that we have all been missing.

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  Presidential nominee Trump, in this adclaims that he can be the leader and President for all Americans.            Movementwas initially noticed for its very upbeat positive tone, unlike most othercampaign ads that the media had focused on the money spent on the ads for hisprevious 2016 general election ads. This was a complete change in his tactics.   “Movement strikes a balance between energetic anduplifting feel that allows Mr. Trump to say he’s running on a positive message,while still offering his fervent supporters a negative image of Mrs. Clinton” (Corasaniti,Nick. “Donald Trump’s ‘Movement’ Ad: Positive Message, Subtle Dig,” TheNew York Times, September 24, 2016).

 Donald masterfully uses pathos. He skillfully taps into the emotions ofhis followers, especially their fear, anger, and vindictive desire for justice.He is running for president at perhaps the most opportune time in history: thisparticular time where the majority of people are so disgusted with Washington,where we feel betrayed by our individual parties and further more frustratedwith the administration at hand. But like a knight in shining armor, Trump is swoops in and says thethings they want to say and promises to deliver the things our parties have notbeen able to deliver for us.  Atthis point in time also, we can attribute this upbeat message to his ratingsskyrocketing!  In June 2016, theWashington Post-ABC news poll found that almost 70 percent of Americans viewedin a negative light.

  (Clement,Scott. “Negative views of Donald Trump just hit a new campaign high: 7 in 10Americans.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 15 June 2016,              Tothe naked eye, the ad does a great job at showing off Trump as quite successfulbusinessmen who feel he can continue his success as President of the UnitedStates.  The ad shows Trump in sucha good light that we are basically forced to see his strengths.  This political ad demonstrates aspecial focus on the candidate’s credibility, and starts to build hisethos.

  The ad does a great job atshowing his great feats he’s accomplished and begins to show us just how trustworthy he really is.  In this part of the ad, Donald Trumpdoes a fantastic job with ethos. One of his favorite things to do is praise himself by telling you howmuch the voters love him and how great a business he has built, yet this adfocuses on us, the American people, and in turn builds his credibility as aleader.  The ad pulls out all thestops and showcases his patriotism.

 This ad is mainly pro-Trump yet it still finds a way to undermine andcriticize Hilary Clinton, especially with the addition of the video clip ofHilary and former President Bill Clinton from an interview where he was accusedof having an affair.  At this pointthe author starts to discredit Hilary’s lack of leadership.              Inhis 2016 political ad, Movement, Republican nominee Donald J. Trump turned overa new leaf.  He left behind whatmany had previously seen as a mean, wretched old man who was a bigot, a sexist,a unlawful businessmen and made us all see what he can be, the leader for allAmericans and rebuild the country, provide jobs, and restore freedom andAmerican pride and finally, Make America Great Again.                 Works Cited  ‘IAlone Can Fix It’YoniAppelbaum – http://www.theatlantic.

com/politics/archive/2016/07/trump-rnc-speech-alone-fix-it/492557/ Corasaniti,Nick. “Donald Trump’s ‘Movement’ Ad: Positive Message, Subtle Dig,” TheNew York Times, September 24, 2016 Clement,Scott. “Negative views of Donald Trump just hit a new campaign high: 7 in 10Americans.” The Washington Post, WP Company, 15 June 2016, www.washingtonpost.


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