Erik has a civil engineering degree from the

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Last updated: August 31, 2019

Erik Van Rompay is at the head of PNO France. With an entrepreneurial spirit and a customer approach, he became one of the best European experts in innovation project, thanks to his 5 years at Walt Disney Imagineering and several industrial projects for Ford Motor Co., Volvo, Daf Trucks and Rolls.

Royce. Trained at INSEAD, Erik has also created 5 startups mastering any problem from startup to large industrial group.Acareer starting with the big ones. Erikhas a civil engineering degree from the University of Louvain (Belgium) and inthe 90ies, he started working for major companies like Ford Motor Co, Volvo, Walt Disney Co before taking directorpositions at INSEAD, SFR and Ticketnet.Inthese positions, he participated in the lauching of Disneyland Paris, SFR andmore particularly, started from scratch (becoming the leading B2Band B2C Ticketing platform in France) and the e-Campus platform of INSEAD (thefirst virtual campus in the world enabling this institute to take a worldleading position in executive education).Senior positionsand company creations. General Delegate of the Association Renaissance Numérique.

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Thisthink tank, launched in November 2006, brings together the main leaders ofcompanies in the Internet sector and many academics, specialists in newtechnologies. Its mission is to reflect and act on the major changes in societyrelated to the development of the Internet. It carries out actions in a citizenperspective, an Internet for all, and an economic perspective for a sustainabledevelopment of the digital sector in France.From2009 to 2014, he founded 3 companies in Parisand the USA focusing on transformingthe ebook industry. He is also spokesman of the “European Disruptors” group created by the European CommissionWitha strong IT background, Erik’s portfolio is quite versatile: project managementroles, strong experiences in accounting, logistics, sales and legal services inthe field of B2B/B2C Internet companies.

These experiencesin France and abroad, combined with his engineering background, havetransformed Erik into a true master of innovation and with his team, he is ableto transform the ambitions of his clients into real innovation strategies. .For the past fewyears, many companies have seek to contact Erik Van Rompay for seminars and corporate events where he talks about innovationsand strategies.

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