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es, it can happen and has happened in the movie Get Out. In the movie, Chris, a young black man visits his white girlfriend’s family for the weekend, experiencing increasingly strange events, wanted to leave, but was prohibited from leaving. The movie later reveals he has been lured by his girlfriend to be kidnapped, sold to the highest bidder, and lobotomized via a brain transplant so that his body can be taken over by a white bidder who purchased him.

Throughout the movie, Chris, an African American, can be seen metaphorically as the “Final Girl” by replacing the marginalized “other” for the gender element.  Traditionally, the Final Girl is a white beautiful sexy female in horror slasher movies.  According to Clover, “the slasher (or splatter or shocker or stalker) film: the immensely generative story of a psycho killer who slashes to death a string or mostly female victims, one by one, until he is subdued or killed, usually by the one girl who has survived (21). In the movie, the psycho killers are Rose’s family, including dad-Dean, Mom-Missy, and brother-Jeremy. In a sense, they kill the identities of mostly African America males through a brainwashing technique calls the Sunken Place. It is a hypnosis method, which separates the consciousness of the victim from having control of their body.

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Rose’s entire family is eventually killed by Chris, an African American male, who survived the family evil plot.From 1960 to the Mid-1980s, slasher films were popular among the largely young and largely male population. These movies have similar elements, “the killer is the psychotic product of a sick family, but still recognizably human; the victim is a beautiful, sexually active woman; the location is not-home” (23).

Chris is an attractive African American, who is sexually active with Rose, and the location was at Rose’s parents’ house. The element of the one girl, the one who did not die, the survivor or Final Girl, triumph over evil at the end. Chris, an African American male, who survived the family plot to sell his body can be seen as triumph over evil, the “Final Girl.”Final Girl is the heroine, as Clover puts it, “she alone looks death in the face, but she alone also finds the strength either to stay the killer long enough to be rescued (ending A) or to kill him herself (ending B)” (36).

 The movie’s ending is that of ending B.  Chris kills Jeremy when he came to get Chris for the surgery, Chris bludgeons him. Chris then went into the surgery room and impales Dean with the antlers of a whitetail deer mounted in the room where he was held captive. As he was trying to leave the house, fought and stabs Missy, and then sets the house on fire.In movies, Final girl is not passive or submissive. Given an opportunity, she will strike back and strike back with vengeances. “Final Girls who not only fight back but do so with ferocity and even kill the killer on their own, without help from the outside “(37).

Chris was captured, tied up, and trapped in the house, was not able to seek help from anyone. While being strapped to a chair waiting for the surgery, he improvised and plugs his ears with synthetic cotton stuffing pulled from the chair, blocking the hypnotic commands from the television. After managing to escape from captivity, he killed Rose’s family without any assistance from anyone.  The element of survivability always play a big role in slasher films.

It is what keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. As Clover noted, “The quality of the Final Girl’s fight, and more generally to the qualities of character that enable her, of all the characters, to survive what has come to seem un-survivable” (39) When Chris was captured, it seems that he would not be able to survive and get away, but his quick thinking in plugging his ears with cotton proves to be the difference in getting away. “The Final Girl is also watchful to the point of paranoia; small signs of danger that her friends ignore, she registers.

Above all she is intelligent and resourceful in a pinch” (39) Chris was resourceful and observant.  Chris talked to his friend- Officer Rod Williams, about the hypnosis and the strange behavior at the house.  And also sent him a photograph of Logan King, who was a missing person by the name of Andre Hayworth.

Rod tries to seek help, but was unable to.

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