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Escaño(2015)saidthatas educator it is vital that strategies be administered to helpstudents in reading comprehension skill.Based on her research, the importanceof tool in developing communication skill was perceived very important beexperts.Thepupil-respondents perform well in the post test than in the pre-test.

  This indicates that the pupils learnedeffectively using the skillbook with more reading comprehension activities.  Reading comprehension being one of theessential tools that guides education marks a significant role in the successof a student as the 21st century unfolds.  This is the reason why the study of assessingvarious teaching strategies that develops and enhances reading comprehension hasbeen conducted.  The results signify thatthe nullhypothesis established by the study is rejected and as such, administrationof the identified teaching strategies does help improve reading comprehensionof students.  Its allows students tounderstand and generate main ideas, identify categories of content like plot,characters, moral lesson and give a generalization/conclusion after eachprinted text.WhileMojica (2014) stressed that strategies in teaching has a big impact andeffective in students learning especially if the tool to be used is forrefocusing the students in certain areas of the subject.

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From the result of theassessment, the computer-based skillbook will enhanced the readingcomprehension of the Grade seven pupils of Commonwealth High School.  This skillbook contains features such as welldesign, clear and easy to understand lectures and activities.  Since it was computer-assisted, additionalfeature will be the interactivity involved, which will add to the enthusiasm ofthe students.  The teachers andadministrators share common assessment and perception on the acceptability ofthe developed supplementary material.

 Thus, proper dissemination and use of the developed supplementarymaterial, policies were recommended to the Division office.Horca(2014) stated that the Philippine education system challenge the administratorsand teachers, implementing programs and projects design for effective teachingand learning process Encouraging the teachers to develop instructionalmaterials to augment the scarcity of learning materials.  As educators, it is vital that strategies beadministered to help students improve their reading comprehension skills.

  Enabling them to derive the meaning fromprinted word, their intellectual, social and emotional skills are the outmostgoal of every stake holder.  Even theparents should be very aware of the needs and interests of their children andbe ready to assist their children in developing good study habits.  The school administration was even advised toprioritize the students need.  Even theteachers should know their students interest and capabilities and therefore,decide which technique may be used to fit the present instructional needs ofthe students.San Juan(2013) on his research found out students learn and retain more the lessonusing focused tool in communication skill especially the learner’scomprehension and reading skills.  Sherecommended that the curriculum makers should continue developing learningmaterials using comic strips in English or visually dominant presentation foreasy comprehension.  The pictures ordrawings were made to be colorful in order to motivate pupils to be interestedwith the instructional material.  Inreading, its printing letter were made to be bold or large enough for easyreading, simple drawing were appropriate to the minds of the child, andpictures or drawings were big enough for easy understanding of the story.

Tupas(2015) on her research discuss the importance of a good teaching strategies andthis include the development of skillbook on any particular subject and inmodular type for mastery and retention of every particular topic.  Additional application of the topic is one ofthe best form for student appreciation and mastery.Inaddition, a teacher-made supplementary interactive material for reading can bedesigned and constructed using MS PowerPoint which includes lessons, exercisesand test to help pupils improve their academic performance in reading.  In the light of the findings, the followingwere recommended; 1.  Difficult topicsshould be periodically monitored to address the immediate needs of the pupilsnot only in reading but also in other areas of learning.

  2. Teachers should be encouraged to designand develop instructional materials to improve the performance of their pupilsespecially in the identified difficult areas. 3.

Administrators should initiate training programs for the design anddevelopment of instructional materials. 4. A committee to evaluate developed instructional materials should beformed to screen materials to be used in the school division.

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