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In 1950s, the demographic landscape of urban schoolhouses greatly fluctuated because of the segregation of American cities, wherein most of its populace is composed of African Americans and Italians. Southern blacks migrated to urban areas in North America and Midwest America.  The segregation is due to political developments that are prevailing in the existing American government during this period, in which Chicago’s academic institutions became isolated, and resulted to the pauperization of the city and urban black schoolhouses (Levinson, Bradley A. 1996. The cultural production of the educated person: Critical ethnographies of schooling and local practice: Albany, NY State University of New York Press).Black American community is not only suffering from poverty but most significantly they are experiencing deterioration in their educational system, which is transparent in terms of budget crisis i.e.

40 percent of black academic institution could not meet the expense of desks because the budget for one student is less than 15 dollars (Altenbaugh, Richard J. 1999. Historical dictionary of American education: Westport,     Conn Greenwood Press). Because of this existing condition, urban black schoolhouses are slowly shutting down since there are no funds to support its preservation and to maintain its facilities, and its operations.

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The diminishing circumstance of Chicago’s academic institutions were aggravated when teachers begun to file resignation because of salary issue, degradation of professional culture, and most importantly, educators and students started to lose hope in reviving the dying academic system (Anyon, Jean. 1997. Ghetto schooling: A political economy of urban educational reform New York Teachers College Press). The only way the government can preserve and revitalize the urban schoolhouses in Chicago is only possible if and only if the budget concern will be resolve. It must be noted that financial matter is a prerequisite to the success of any establishment.

Educators must be compensated accordingly, students must be educated properly and must enjoy the benefits of education and most of all, schoolhouses must be preserved and be nourished because it is a testimony that education is taken seriously.

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