Essay About Effect Of Pollution

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Last updated: October 16, 2020

Clean air for living things to breath and an amazing assortment of nature for all to share. It is our responsibility to pass down this gift of nature intact to the future generation.

We should take care of the environment by not polluting it. Clean technologies should be utilized to improve better living and not pollute the Earth. The common pollution that we see everyday is air, land and water pollution. Water pollution is caused by chemicals and water that were impede into the river, lake and sea.

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The polluted water will slowly kills all the fishes, plants and animals which drinks the water. Eventually, human will be affected too as there won’t be clean water to drink and fishes or sea food as food. Humans can also get diseases from contaminated water or seafood that comes from polluted water. Gases and chemicals released by factories and cars will eventually produced acid rain. The acidic rain causes buildings to decay, damages trees and many other human-made structures.Air pollution will also cause breathing difficulties in humans, lung cancer and worsen asthma. Deforestation due to the rapid increase of population and industrialization will seriously damage Earth. By excessive cutting of trees, the earth will slowly lose its cover which leads to soil erosion, worsening greenhouse effect and global warming.

We should all wake up and realized that we need to pollute less and take care of mother nature, otherwise it will be too late to save the environment.

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