Conflicts between Personal and Professional Values

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Last updated: April 16, 2019

“A true professional must be willing to give up some of his autonomy and some of his rights as a freely functioning individual, especially when conflicts arise between his/her personal and professional values.”I think that a true professional is really likely to face this kind of situation wherein he/she had to make a tough decision and must choose between his/her personal and professional life.

I truly believe that this kind of situation is very difficult for a professional. Also, it made me think of how many students today understand and are able to see this kind of situation that will have to face when they had become professionals. It is indeed a tough situation that should be handled professionally.What makes this situation difficult is that we have to choose from the two worlds that had been an important part of our personality and development. Our way of thinking and pattern as well our views about life is affected by our personal experiences and values. These values mold us into our very being.

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On the other hand we have work so hard in order to be a professional. It had been everybody’s dream and goal from the beginning. Both are very important to us, our personal and as well as our professional values. They both comprise our personality and having a conflict between our personal from our professional values will mean that we have to choose from our two personalities; from being a member of a particular society to a professional in the field that we pursue. It is truly a difficult situation that requires a good decision-making ability.

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