My Greatest Fear

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Last updated: May 2, 2019

My greatest fear would be losing one of my three older brothers. The reasons why this would be my biggest fear is as follows. I would have no one to turn to. Losing any one of them would be losing one who matters most. My brothers have always been my rock; without them I would no longer have my rock. These are the reasons why losing one of my brothers is my greatest fear. First, I would have no one to turn to because; my brothers have been the only ones there for me no matter what. They are the ones who held me up when our dad passed away this last summer.

Also I turn to my brothers for everything, any problem I have they always have the solution. Secondly, my brothers are the ones who matter most to me. After our dad passed away they are what I have left. They have always taken care of me ever since I was little. My three older brothers are my rock! Without them I would have nothing. Finally, without even just one of them I would no longer have that rock, that safe place. Every time I have fallen, they were the ones to help me up.

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They take care of me when I have a broken heart, or broken anything for that matter.When all I want to do is crumble they hold me up, we stand strong when we stand together. They are the reason I wake up every morning. If I lost one of my brothers, I would lose my reason to live.

So this is why losing even one of my three older brothers would be my greatest fear. I wouldn’t have my rock, and who doesn’t need a rock to lean on? If one of them were gone it would be losing one who matters most, blood is thicker than water after all right? I would have no one to turn to, they have always taken care of me because, I’m the baby and the only girl! I love my brothers and I pray that I won’t have to lose any of them!

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