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Last updated: April 10, 2019

College graduation is just a few months away and for sometime now, I have been seriously thinking about my plans after graduation in order to have a certain path to follow.Enrolling in a graduate program is certainly part of my plans but to better prepare myself for further studies, I plan to work for a year or two in a company where I could get exposure and experience in the field I intend to take up – Urban Planning.  Therefore, the first office that comes to mind is the City Engineer’s Office since it is where the plans for the city are made or submitted for approval.

  My architectural background will surely be an advantage if I get accepted there.Ever since I can remember, I have always been interested in designing buildings and houses.  I have also often wondered how the government plans a large area, such as a city, taking into account the many considerations that go into the final plan.  Due to this inclination, part of my future plans is to travel all over the United States and preferably visit some European countries like France, Italy and Greece in order to see first hand different building and house designs and also how these places were planned and laid out.  Asia is also of particular interest to me because of the different cultures there, part of which are distinctive architectural designs that have become popular in the US.  Japan, China, India, Egypt and Saudi Arabia will be interesting to visit.  Getting familiar with not only their architecture but also their culture broadens the artistic taste and my personal perspectives in general.

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  Hence, visiting several countries is beneficial to not only in my professional career but also in my entire personality.As I see it, my plan to take up Urban Planning will complement my architectural expertise.  I chose Urban Planning also because I want to help as many people as I can with my knowledge.

  Societies may be transformed through land use planning, which deals with social, physical and economic development of regions.  Urban planning has many aspects (such as urban renewal, land use planning, and landscape architecture), which makes me more interested about it.  I am also inspired by the effectiveness of urban planning in Singapore, which used to be underdeveloped but nowadays a well-organized and prosperous country.My experience at the City Engineer’s Office and the knowledge I will gain from travelling will certainly broaden my outlook as an Architect because my viewpoint will not be limited to the architectural design alone.  With this background, I believe I will be a strong candidate for the program.

As soon as I finish my graduate program, I plan to work for a year or two in one of the major architectural firms in the city to enhance my knowledge and learn more about my chosen field.  During this time too, I expect to learn the ropes of running an architectural firm in preparation for my long-term goal.  I will familiarize myself and master the operations in an architectural firm to detect potential problems and to maximize opportunities.

In five years’ time, I envision myself putting up my own architectural firm and using my work experience, travels and my knowledge in Urban Planning as the basis for the work that will asked of me by clients.  Since there are many US citizens whose roots are not entirely American, my travels will definitely serve me well in coming up with plans that incorporate the designs from their original countries.  Expansion is definitely in my plans after I have successfully set up my firm and have made a name for myself in California.

  I also dream of acting as Consultant to foreign firms.With all these in mind, it is important for me to obtain an NCARB certificate and passing ARE so that my work will not be limited to a certain area only.  Moreover, passing a certain standard that many consider important is challenging but satisfying.  For me, it signifies that I can comply with a standard of excellence that has been established for the professionals in the field of architecture, and I can practice architecture in a highly professional level.Learning always takes place as I go through these long processes.

  My plans would definitely open new experiences and new ideas, so my plans to be a good architect do not bring boredom at all.  For me, learning may be a means to an end sometimes, but it is better if it is the main goal instead of being only the means.  Learning has different aspects and levels, so one can never really have a fully adequate knowledge about things.  Art and culture changes constantly, so they can always be studied without losing the sense of excitement.There is always a need to improve and develop in my chosen field, so I always feel the need to acquire more skills in applying both aesthetics and technology.  Philosophy can also be applied in different aspects, so the field of architecture is composed of different aspects that may be integrated to form a harmonious output.Hence, for me, the field of architecture is an interesting combination both science and art.  It is a dynamic field wherein endless creativity can be applied with structure and organization in order to maximize the effectiveness of the final output.

  In my work as an architect, I can draw my motivation with just the satisfaction of seeing the people being awed at the significant output.I am fervently hoping that these plans would collectively help me achieve a grand scheme and provide me benefits.  These plans are not yet well defined, and I am willing to be open to other opportunities that are hitherto unknown to me.  However, at this point, it is the general direction that I would like to follow more or less, considering my knowledge and experiences in the field of architecture.  As I go through all these, my plans would become more specific and feasible, and thus closer to the specific goals in my life as a professional architect. 

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