School uniforms and how they affect learning

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Last updated: April 11, 2019

Uniform is a form of identity worn by school students or staff of the same discipline or any other such organisation. As a basic requirement in a learning institution, the effectiveness of school uniforms thus, lies in their simplicity, uniqueness and affordability.Growing up in the inner city I had the opportunity to experience the public school system and in those days the school uniforms were whatever type of dressing   your parents could afford with the exception of gym attire.

It had to be white tee-shirts and blue shirts. Debate about whether to wear school uniforms or not still remains open since people continue to have different opinions regarding school uniforms. One of the reasons for wearing school uniforms is the uniformity among the students belonging to a certain school (Elizabeth A. (1999).

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Apart from attractive appearance of the students in uniform, it also facilitates the smartness.Sometimes it is appealing to find that through school uniform, it is very easy to distinguish which school the students belong to. This recognition promotes sense of belonging to the students and eventually promoting harmony.

Security is another factor that can be associated with school uniform among the students. This can easily be explained by the fact that through the feeling that school children are known and recognisable by their uniform, they will always feel safe among themselves especially while they get involved with the rest of the community. In many cases school children are likely to be influenced in bad behaviours, a vice that may be the likelihood of peer pressure or even some individuals in the entire community. It is logical to say that, the uniform makes them recognisable and they become aware of their societal responsibility.

School uniforms also promote peace and unity among the students as they are most likely to have a particular behavioural pattern due to their identity as one school and will feel they belong to the same community.  It is easy to recognise that students wearing different school uniforms from the other, there is a strange feeling and lack of freedom in association which can be contrary to his/her school mate. In other words cooperation will be enhanced and sense of strangeness can be reduced or eliminated., a good combination of the uniform reflects a calm and orderly atmosphere which causes reduction in distraction and this will in actual sense help the student in improving their performance as they become more attentive and their concentration also improve (Daugherty, Richard, 2001).  Additionally with the introduction of school uniforms the school violence decreased. The desire to have what the next kid has decreased as well and the learning increased.

Apart from the positive opinion towards the school uniform some feel otherwise.To some level some students and parents have a feeling that school uniforms deny someone the freedom of dressing as he/she might wish. Some claim that there should be not guidelines to which uniform one should wear as long as modesty and decency is adhered to in dressing.The religious aspect also has been brought up on the basis that certain religions have specific mode of dressing.  Thus, some students will not join certain schools due their religious background.Although several opinions have been put forward against wearing of school uniforms, they have been widely adopted globally by many schools especially primary schools as a way of distinguishing the school. 

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