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In an organization, one of the most important persons who initiate the essentialities of the group is the senior executives. The senior executives are the ones who build and construct the decisions and are often involve in the majority of the activities and stands of the group. Furthermore, the success of a company or an organization can be greatly dependent on the success of its senior executive. And it follows that the executive’s failure means a fall for the company. Hence, the characteristics of a good executive is vital in knowing his or her work quality and thus, also, knowing if he or she could be a help in the network or a flaw that would cause the fall of the company.

Primarily, most if not all, companies nowadays are in search for a possible senior executive and with the essential obligations and the great responsibilities that would be placed upon the executive’s hand, companies and organizations are looking forward and are of best interest to the ones who qualify both to the political competence and the corporate-citizen skills of the executives-to-be.Political competence is described as the perspectives, values and the skills that are required for efficient political participation and contribution. To be politically competent, one must be able to get involved in the (1) wide and growing socio-economic and ecological factors of health, for the nurses; (2) widely spreading cultural diversity in an effective manner; (3) expansion and the growth of humanity; and (4) socio-political and environmental chats or discussions. These also include the traits of a high-quality business-oriented citizen. Qualities such as (5) positive skills in networking, (6) strategic thinking, (7) powerful persuasive characteristic, (8) strong leadership, (9) good inter-personal and extra-personal skills, (10) high quality technology competency and (11) passion are also in the list. (Whitacre, 2007)Proofs of strong political competence are found on the testimonies submitted on the “Witness List and Prepared Testimonies for Strengthening and Improving Medicare”. Considering the fist testimony, from the chief actuary of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Mr. Rick Foster demonstrates the quality of a good political competence when he discussed on his testimony the matter about the Medicare’s financial issues.

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Primarily what Mr. Foster is doing is that he is involving himself in the discussions about a certain subject in his field. And by that, we can say that he is one of the persons who are engaged in discussions on socio-political matters and by that performing one of the vital characteristics to employ good political competence as stated in the third paragraph sentence number two.Another example is the testimony from the senior consultant of the Academy Health, Mr. Robert Berenson M.D.

.. Like the first testimony, he also is engaging in the discussions about socio-political matters which make his testimony demonstrate political competence. Another proof about the second testimony exhibiting political competence is how the writer bases his remarks on the topic. He follows his opinions and points on the basis of having other background information and strengthens his view with the use of the former points and views of other reliable sources and data concerning the topic. His first statement in the third paragraph of his testimony greatly supports the fact that he involves himself in the wide growth of the knowledge concerning the health and expansion of humanity. His following statements also add up to the detail of his strong political competence that is displayed by his testimony.

Likewise, the third testimony from the president of the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare, Ms. Barbara Kennelly also expresses political competence. Like the previous two persons who have given their testimonies regarding the topic Strengthening and Improving Medicare. In her testimonies, Ms. Kennelly focuses her point on the positive side of the proposals raised to change the Medicare. Like the other testimonies, her testimony, focuses on the argument about certain socio-political and medical factors which may be affected by the raised proposal. And like the others, as she wrote her testimony, she displays one of the factors which affect the political competence of an executive.

And like the previous ones, all the other testimonies gives their different points and views which clearly states that all the writers of the testimonies are concerned about the sociological, economical and ecological factors effecting certain issues of the society which affects the widely spreading growth of humanity. And like the previous authors of the testimonies, all of them possessed at least one of the characteristics of a good political competency which may in turn making them acquire the other characteristics of political competency.One example of a healthcare organization’s corporate citizenship is the seniors of certain hospitals or medical centers. Their characteristics which help them display their good corporate citizens are the ones that make them suitable for being the head of their fields. Traits such as strategic thinking and strong leadership comprise most of the traits needed in their field.

These also include the other characteristics stated in the previous statements ion the third paragraph. Certain hospital and medical agencies can be rated as “good” in their corporate citizenship characteristics. This is because of the projects that are launched by these hospitals and medical agencies which contribute so much to the safety of the society and the community that is included. These projects and programs launched by these agencies provide the basis for the presence of good corporate citizenship because if it is not for those characteristics, these projects and programs would not exist and furthermore, the hospitals and the agencies would precisely cease to exist without those characteristics.

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