Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers Paper

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When you are pursuing a career in human services it will require that you have certain characteristics and traits.In the career as a counselor or you have to have the skills as a practitioner.

A practitioner is a person that is involved in having discipline in their characteristics. They are a person who is able to listen effectively to the client and to help them with their needs and understand them. They can adapt to primary prevention such as conflict resolution, managing stress, to help with intervention for clients with crisis and techniques for parenting. Another skill that is needed as a human service worker is to be able to do assessments.Being a psychologist in the community, you should be an expert in evaluating individuals and theirs settings. Consultation is very much needed for different types of clients. With a client you may be a counselor who works with the parent, teacher, or administrator to help bring a positive change in a client’s life. There may need to be a problem solving process to reach goals to help the client.

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You may need to assist the teacher, provide resources, or consult with other specialist. There may be someone that has the skills to research and evaluate a program for a client.You could be a person who has the skills to write grants. Not everyone and anyone can write Grants When you are a grant writer, you are responsible for preparing the necessary documents needed in order to secure grant money from the government or foundations that will provide grant funds to businesses, nonprofit organizations or other organizations that may be eligible. A person who writes grants, their job consist of writing project descriptions, developing proposals, gathering information and compiling what is required by grant makers and submitting the grant applications.Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Workers Paper 2 They will also provide project reports that are required by the grant maker. Being in Administration is another skill in human service. The skills that is required for being successful in administration is communication, computing, organizing, planning, scheduling and staffing.

This job requires a lot of time and patience. You are dealing with many different people and personalities. Scileppi, Teed, and Torres (2000) When I worked at the Boys and Girls Club as a Site Director, I served 100 children in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade at an elementary school, after school. My job was very challenging being in a school, where these teachers had them all day and when these students came to my program they were different students. Many teachers would ask me what was my secret with these students listening to me.

I was a human service worker that was a no tolerance person. Either you want help or you don’t, you are not wasting my time and I am not wasting your time.I helped many of these students to change their mind set, to become honor roll students. They even changed at home, I became their teacher, counselor, their mentor and a friend. Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Human Services Worker Paper 3References Scileppi, J. A.

, Teed, E. L. , & Torres, R. D.

(2000). Community Psychology:A Common Sense Approach to Mental Health 1e . Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook. In Text Citation (Scileppi, Teed, & Torres, 2000).

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