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Last updated: April 25, 2019

MADE2MANAGE’s software solution for supply chain management is designed for the medium sized business to maintain control and management of the flow of materials throughout their facilities.  The solution includes three interlocking software packages.  These are Demand Forecasting, Advanced Planning, and Advanced Scheduling.Demand Forecasting allows forecast data to be shared with MADE2MANAGE Enterprise Resource Planning software.  The package allows the user to forecast at any level they want.  This includes forecasting at a level below the part/revision.  The software allows for calculating demand throughout multiple locations, and it maintains historical sales data that is  accessible by order date or ship date.

The Advanced Planning Software solution is a scalable product to allow manufacturing companies with material or capacity constraints to account for capacity and material availability when total demand exceeds total capacity.  The software allows the business to balance demand forecasts, sales orders, and safety stock needs against the companies capacity and material constraints.  The package utilizes the Theory of Constraints methodology to determine which plan is most profitable, offering the highest throughput, taking into account the current demand and capacity constraints.  The software also provides for automated production planning, which requires no human intervention.The Capable to Promise package is a sub package of the Advance Planning solution.

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  This feature provides realistic product delivery dates so as to avoid the issues with over or under promising on job orders.  The package will propose alternate delivery methods if the usual delivery mode will not meet the customers requested delivery date.  It will also evaluate other options in order to expedite materials or add capacity to meet a customer’s deadline.The Advanced Scheduling package enables the business to prioritize and schedule operations across different work areas within the capacity and materials constraints.  It performs scheduling runs very quickly, and helps to maximize throughput by buffering constraints, assemblies, and shipping methods.

  All of these features together help to minimize late jobs.  The software utilizes a drag and drop Gantt charting facility to help the business meet their goals.MADE2MANAGE Systems was founded in 1986.  The corporate headquarters is located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  MADE2MANAGE is employee driven, with input encouraged from all levels.  They offer a broad range of services in the Enterprise Resource Planning field and beyond.NETERP, NetSuites offering in ERP software world, is a web based application designed for mid sized businesses.  The software integrates e-commerce with the more traditional business methods.

  NETERP allows for a consolidated flow of data across all of the company’s departments.  The interface allows for real-time monitoring of performance measures.  The software has a set of built in reports that provide standard data analysis.  It also allows the user to develop unique reports that would provide information that is individualized to the business.The software allows interactive access to key data by partners and vendors.

  This allows the proactive notification of events that are partner generated, such as component availability issues.  It also allows customers to view the status of their order in real-time.The package integrates this with the company financials and employee management.  General ledger and accounts payable and receivable are all incorporated into the software.  There is a provision for multi-currency support.

  The software will utilize workflow capability information and generate employee reminders and task lists.The software in designed to be customizable and expandable.  In addition to user generated unique reports, the platform allows for customizable workflow configurations and business process.NetSuite was formed in 1998.  The corporate offices are located in San Diego, California.  They are the largest provider of web based on demand enterprise resource planning solutions.  They have a customer base measuring in the thousands that are located throughout the world.

Package #3:  Customer Relationship ManagementON!contact Software Corporation.Oncontact V is a customer relationship management tool based on the Microsoft “.NET” Platform.

  The application is designed for the medium sized business.  It is a fully customizable solution, allowing individualization from the system interface through the built in logic.  The system consists of three modules, Account Management, Marketing, and Customer Service.  In addition there are four features.  These consist of a set of customizing tools, a web based application that allows customers to manage their relationship with the business, integration with Microsoft Outlook, and back office integration.

The Account Management module provides a detailed look at the complete customer and prospective customer relationship.  This includes account history and organizational hierarchy.  A complete history of customer and prospective customer interactions is maintained.  This module is completely customizable.The marketing module tracks marketing campaigns.  The system allows for the creation, execution, and management of campaigns.  It will mine the data from customers and prospects that are needed for call center management.  The data results are generated into reports that allow for the planning of targeted marketing campaigns, as well as the evaluation of past campaigns.

  The solution will generate email, faxes, and direct mail campaigns based on the customer database.The customer service module assists the help desk management.  It allows the user to track a customer’s inquires, incidents, and problems.  Support personnel can access this database and provide real-time resolution for new incidents and problems.One of the features of Oncontact is ClientNet.

  ClientNet allows customers to access, through the internet, to manage there relationship with the business.  It allows the client complete access to the entire web based customer literature that the business has produced.  Customers can track the status of product delivery.

  Customers can search the database for solutions to already known issues and solve them independently.  Customers have one location where they can contact the company, submit requests, or complete surveys.Oncontact V provides for integration with Microsoft Outlook.

  Email, contact lists, scheduling, and activities can be ported from Oncontact V to Outlook and back seamlessly.  The email is integrated so that all email messages are stored in Oncontact’s database, eliminating the need to search through mailboxes attempting to find a customer’s message.Oncontact also allows for real-time access to invoices, payment dates, year-to-date purchases, and credit terms through back office integration.  Users are able to process orders quickly and create financial reports that analyze potential up-sell opportunities.Oncontact has two toolkits that allow customizing the platform.  Customizer is a screen building tool that gives users the option to customize any of the interfaces.

  Navigator is a logic building tool that utilizes a simple point and drag interface that requires no programming.  The original source code is not affected, so any change can be backed out seamlessly.Oncontact Software is a privately help company based in Wisconsin.  The company was formed over ten years ago and has international offices in South America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

  The company has over 400 customers world wide.  The company specializes in customer relationship management software. Oracle Database 10g is a suite of data warehousing products.

  These include Warehouse Builder, Partitioning, Data Mining, and On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP).  These products have a single interface that allows for the easy management and analysis of the companies data.  This is a scalable product designed for the mid to large sized businesses.Oracle Warehouse Builder takes data in different formats and from different systems and translates it into a standardized for.

  The user is allowed to design the extracting, transporting, and loading (ETL) processes between the warehouse, intermediate storage, and the user.  Data is easily migrated to the data warehouse for secure storage.Oracle Portioning allows the data form large databases to be split into smaller components that are easier to manage.  This allows for higher performance and availability.  Data query times can be reduced from minutes to seconds.  Data lifecycles are easier to mange, since older data can be extracted into archival tables.Oracle Data Mining allows users to locate patterns hidden in the data.

  Developers can automate the distribution of predictions, patterns, and discoveries through the data mining option. Large volumes of data are easily processed through algorithms.On Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) allows for complex inquires into the data warehouse.  Data is divided into partitions in order to reduce the query time in large databases.  Data can be partitioned across time, allowing more historical data to be stored without affecting the database performance.  Any calculations can be limited to a subset of data.  Disaster data recovery can be performed on a subset of the data, so that unaffected data is not replaced by alder recovered data.

Oracle is a 30 year old company with headquarters in Redwood Shores, California.  Oracle originally developed a relational database technology for use in all sizes of businesses.  Oracle is the world’s second largest software company.Each of these software packages offers solutions to particular problems businesses face.  From supply chain management to data warehousing, realistic solutions to these issues allow businesses to remain competitive in today’s online world.

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