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Last updated: April 9, 2019

It is a matter of fact that modern musical world is full of wonderfull guitar solos, but the chosen solo is Bohemian Rhapsdy as it strikes the most, although the solo duration is only half a minute. However, this example is much more interesting for analyzing that other even whole pieces of guirar solos. The listenr’s ear is chatching the slight changes in guitarists’ mood with solo progression.

Nevertheless, firstly it is necessary to provide the background to the solo to understand it better. (Queen 2005)Bohemian Rhapsody is written by Freddie Mercury and initially was recorded for Queen’s new album “A Night at the Opera”, 1975. The song as well as a guitar solo within it seems to be a real parody of rock opera. Being a popular music the song is famous for its unusual musical structure. It consists of three different sections and there is no chorus except heavy metal and cappella arrangements. Nevertheless, the song is considered single.

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It is interesting that the song along with guitar solo is accompanied by promotional video aimed at establishing the visual language of the solo. (Queen 2005)The song lasts nearly six minutes and guitar solo is only half a minutes, however, the effect is great. It is necessary to mention that the song actually consists of introduction followed by ballad, then guitar solo, rock and finally outro. Actually the song has two guitar solos, the first is played by May and the second is an active part accompanied with piano and bass guitar.

The most distinguished piece of the song is considered guitar solo played by famous guitarist Brian May.  Guitar solo follows after four-part harmony cappella in B-flat and extraordinary ballad. (Queen 2005)May’s guitar solo is played during 2:36-3:02.

The song provides a really original and unique solo guitar which touches soles not only of every music lover, but also people who prefer to remain indifferent to musical pieces, especially to guitar solos considering them only a rock pieces. The chosen guitar solo has strong impact on people’s mood as it makes them think about reality and irreality within the musical piece. What is the aim of the solo in the song? The answer is apparent. The song aims at making Bohemian Rhapsody distinguished from others and intetnsifiying the common mood of the song.

It is known that Queen is one of the popular musical bands and they needed extraordinary musical pieces to hold such impression. The guitar solo is a combination of not only technical instruments, but also solist sole.It is necessary also to provide technical details of the solo. It is seen that the Brian May’s approach is rather scalar and thus it revolves around the scale of C minor, something like C – D – Eb – F – G – Ab – Bb. Such solo is suitable for intermediate guitarists, because three is only one faster passage within the solo.

The special attention throughout the solo is paid to the vibrato as well as bends. (Queen 2005)May’s solo flows from harmony to passion building in such way intensity and serves as a pass from the ballad and to the opera. Although solo continues to intensify the song and establishing a new key. Three ascending during solo are something like a battle aimed at making the song more vivid and live.

In conclusion it is necessary admit that solo’s popularity doesn’t depend on its duration. It means that even half a minute is enough to appreciate the originality of the guitar solo.  In the guitar solo May made an attempt to express the mood of the whole band and to hold audience’s attention.

Actually this musical piece is really worthy of listening to. (Queen 2005) 

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