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Taylor English 131 FEB 25 The Color Purple The Color Purple’ is the reverberation of the slavery time. The African-American thinker and writer Gloria Watkins points out that ‘The Color Purple’ is a imitation of the custom of the ‘slave narrative’ Sections written by male and female former slaves about their skills under slavery. Some slave narratives were collected among previous slaves in the 1930s by the Works Progress Direction, a New Deal project in the Southern United States.

This powerful imagined custom is categorized by Frederick Douglass’s. They develops strong feminine suggestion roles. Sophie is humbled by the mayor when he offers her a job as a maid, when she and Harpo had wriggled so long to improve their lot in life and she sees how little value the mayor places on hers. This is indication of the racism leading in the society, directly thinking of a Black woman as a servant. Sophie slugs the mayor.

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She ends up in prison, and has to go to work for the mayor in the end to get out.Squeak also becomes immobilized when Harpo gives her that name and does not recover her power until after she is raped by the warden when she visits Sophie in jail, and she tells Harpo after that her name is Mary Agnes and she wants to be called by that name. Again, there is a conflict of values, with Harpo putting no worth on his women, whereas Mary Agnes understands that she does have value and wants it respected.

Celie finally gets up the courage to leave Albert, and go off with Shug to Memphis. She is finally becoming self-governing. She starts making pants for herself, and is so good at it that it develops into a successful business.This is representative because of her lesbianism, and she understands that she is more manly and it is only right that she wear the pants – another cultural suggestion in the movie, along with more indication of role reversal. This all happens after she learns Albert has been hiding letters from her sister, On March 6-10 & 14-16, the Alabama State University Theater Department will be doing the color purple the musical.

I however have the leading role for” Mister” in the play, there is a lot of things i have observe while being over here in the theater doing this play.The first day I’ve seen a lot of students that came to audition and didn’t make it and they are crying. I guess this play meant a lot to them. I see students practicing their roles trying to make sure they have their part together so they won’t lose their spot.

The Color Purple comes with a lot of things to do. I stayed in the scene shop helping build the stuff for the show. In the scene shop I could see nails, hammers, and a lot of wood lying around. Mr. Harris, he builds everything in the play, I notice he wears a tool belt the whole time he is working, and he never keeps his shoes tied.In the scene shop there is wood all over the floor. The smell of the room smells like paint, wood, and work. They were working very hard on this project.

As I walked around the building I could see most of everyone working on something, if it wasn’t acting they was working on music for the songs. I observe them as they tried to learn the music. Some of them couldn’t get the music right so they had to do it over and over again. As they were singing I look in the directors face and I could see a face of something was wrong, some of the notes was off.I notice some of them wasn’t singing when they were told to, they was lip singing no notes was coming out at all. Some of the wasn’t even paying attition to him at all. This play has a lot that I have seen since I have been in there observing.

On stage the girl was crying during her scene, she felt the song that she was singing. She hit the floor as hard as she could, to get into character. As she hit the ground the mood of the audience change they were feeling what she was the meaning she was giving the people. The light that was on stage was a calm feeling that it was giving off.

The lights were assumed.They had all kinds of color red, blue, and orange. The light was giving me all kinds of feelings, a calm feeling. The process of this show is hard. I see the Cast sleep during the rehearsal because they are tired.

There was several them fussing because they couldn’t get any sleep. Their faces looked like something was wrong. I could see one girl sleeping with her book in her hand as if she was studying, she looked peaceful. They only get a 10min break, they go running when they get there break, some of them go get something to eat some of them get some rest. I observe some of them working on different things.During the break time they tend to get a lot of work done during this time.

The lights flash on and off, the different colors flashing looks like a rainbow. As the break is over the students come in running in so they won’t be late or they would be cut from the show. This show is about love, so in the play Celie and Shug Avery has to kiss. As the two girls begin to kiss I could tell they really didn’t want to kiss each other at all. So they pause to gather there self together to see if they could do it and they did.

The audience face was amazed at that point that it even happed.That was the most entice scene in the play. During the rehearsal we all sat down an talked about the show to get a more meaning about what should be going on in the play. The mood of the practice was a good felling everybody was ready to work and have fun doing it. Some of the cast didn’t want to work at all doing nothing they wanted to sleep or play all day. I observe them sneaking off getting a fast rest and getting something to eat without asking the director, but when they do that they get cut from the show.

In the play we have dancers in the play, the practice more than we do.I watch them dance with meaning and the sweat drip from their faces and body like rain drops. They dance with passion, while they listen to the words to the song. I see them leap in the air like with joy and loving what they are doing. The dancers worked very hard to be in this play.

They exercise very hard every day, they really never have a break from anything. The dancers bring some kind of peace to the stage when they start dancing. I notice on one of the dancer’s foot they had a brace on her foot, to keep her balance. She also had a tattoo on her leg, that’s goes all around her leg.Once they come off stage from dancing, you can see them breathing hard to catch their breath to go out there again to dance. I know that is very hard to do because I would be very tired.

I observed one of the dancers he had powder on his feet and hands. So I asked him what was the powder for, he told me it was for to keep him from sweating and falling. I knew what powder help but he had a lot of it on himself. In this show we have a lot of other things that it in the show, we have a live orchestra. All kinds of instruments are in the orchestra in the color purple, they sound beautiful.I notice that when they start playing they don’t look at their music sheet while they play they listen by ear.

They way they sound is just amazing to your ears, the best instrument I love in the orchestra is the violin. She play that violin with so much passion and meaning it’s so beautiful. The guy who plays the trumpet, every time before he start to play he puts Chap Stick on his lips so his lips won’t get dry. Another thing I have observe with the orchestra is that they work together they practice together, and they communicate more together then the cast do.But when the show starts they are all on one accord with everything. Dancing, singing, acting all of that they are. In the scene when Mister is cursed by Celie, I notice he breaks down and feels the curse that Celie has put on him.

He shows the passion that he is trying to change who he is and what he has been doing is wrong. I observe him in this role as a mean man, and he doesn’t know how to treat people at all so he was cursed. From this observation it was clear to me that something was very wrong about this character in this play, he needed help in every way he could because he was cursed by Celie.This play is more so about love and happiness and letting people know they can’t run over you.

Through this process by being in this play and observing what’s been going on with the characters. As I sit and look at the stage its looks really good, there are thease panels that come up to the sky that blocks off the scene. There is this girl on the stage putting tape on the floor to mark where she has to paint so she could remember to paint. She has on a red jumper suit and black shoes that she works in. As I walk to the back of the stage they have built about 12 different houses for all the scenes to make the play look real.The houses were built by Mr.

Harris, he built everything for the show he is one hard working man, as I observe him he never breaks a sweat at all when he works on anything because he knows what he is doing. When I look up in the ceiling on the stage I could see all the light that the stage has, it’s about 78 lights up there and they are controlled computer to make them move. And there are some kinds of rope that keeps them up high and could bring them down if wanted to.

Just as I thought the stage was finished I see Mr.Harris come back on stage to fix something, he had to fix the tall stairs that needed a crew, you could hear the crew go into the wall. There was a lot of thing that I have learned during this process of the color purple. Being in the show and observing what has been going on while being here. I really believe when the show opens up this will be the best show Alabama State University has ever put on here, and when the doors open up people are goanna be rushing in to get then a seat because this show right now is the talk of the town and its goanna be amazing I cant wait.

There was a lot of thing to observe while being among the cast and the production but if I could I would but then ill be here all day. The culture meaning Purple is royalty. A mysterious color, it is related with both dignity and religiousness. The opposites of hot red and cool blue combine to create this interesting color.

And this play means everything that the word purple means this play will open up a lot of people eyes and will wake up a lot of people from the things they are going through.

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