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Last updated: May 8, 2019
why do preservice teachers study diversity?
minorities are increasing, therefore schools are becoming more diverse.poverty levels affect school children.teachers do not necessarily teach in schools that are like them.

student disabilities are increasingmany immigrants representing unfamiliar cultures are moving to America.Collaboration with parents are communities is beocming more of a challengeteachers will need to affirm different cultures, but aslo teach the similarities of individualsreligious issues affect curriculastudent’s individual differences affect how a teacher teaches

what is multicultural education
an educational strategy in which students’ cultures are used to develop effective classroom instruction and school environments.
ensures that students are provided the same access to the benefits of society regardless of their group memeberships.
social justice
a philosophy that expects citizens to provide for those persons in society who are not as advantaged as others.
values attitudes and commitments
history of multicultural education
1920’s – intercultural movement After WWII – many educators had adopted the goal of assimilating immigrants and people of color into dominant society.1960’s – desegregation was being enforced in the nation’s schools.

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1970’s and civil rights – brought a new interest in ethnic studies, discrimination, and intergroup relations. 1990’s – development of standards

multicultural education today
it is oftentimes criticized for focusing on differences rather than siliarities among groups.
What do teachers need to know in order to teach a diverse group of students?
understand how a student’s learning is influenced by individual experiencesunderstand how cultural and gender differences can affect communication in the classroombe able to appreciate multiple perspectives and convey to learners how knowledge is developed from the vantage point of the knower.being sensitive to community and cultural norms.
what are the characteristics of culture?
learned, shared, is an adaptation, dynamic, determined by norms, determines behavior
what are manifestations of culture?
pervades all experiences – limitlesswhat individuals valuenon-verbal communicationlanguage
what are the attributes of the dominant culture?
the inability to view other cultures as equally viable alternatives for organizing reality
Cultural Relativism
an attempt to view the world through another person’s cultural lense
systems of values, attitudes, and behaviors of social groups within society.
sub societies connected to cultural group memberships such as gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status
cultural borders
a boundary based on cultural differences that may limit an individual’s understanding of persons from a different cultural background.
policies to force children to adopt the dominant culture have been promoted in schools as the values of the dominant group
informal curriculum
guides the expected behaviors and attitudes of students
cultural groups that are different from our own.

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